Type Comic
Date 1937-11
Tags fiction

Detective Comics #9

Detective Comics #9 (1937-11)

Speed Saunders: So... Speed was uselessly impeding an investigation? Super. But he's the hero.

Larry Steele: Sucks.

Cosmo: Somewhat interesting method. But Cosmo's not used disguise in the last couple of chapters. Running out of ideas?

Bruce Nelson: So, Nelson's turned into an amateur detective, has he? And he has a Chinese servant. The story's okay, I guess. Have to see where it goes.

"Death at Latitude 30": Short story. Skipped.

The Johnson Mystery: Eh, it's alright. "You can't always tell the business a man's in by the sign on his door."

Spy: And who is Bart to give Sally orders, anyhow? The story's okay, but it's just not that interesting--not so original feeling, not very detailed.

Buck Marshall: I'm beginning to dread these. They're never particularly good, and they're so predictable. Gee, he's always heading to see his friend, the sheriff, when something happens that relates to a new mystery. And bullets are always grazing skulls without doing any real harm. How likely is that? And the story's dull, as usual.

Slam Bradley: S'okay.