Type Comic
Date 1937-10
Tags fiction

Detective Comics #8

Detective Comics #8 (1937-10)

Speed Saunders: So bad.

Larry Steele: Huh.

Cosmo: Uh?

Claws: Well, it's an ending, anyway. I really need to look at the first issue, and see if it's indicated that Nelson knows the other two.

"The Laughing Mummy": Short story. Skipped.

Bloodhound Brown: Eh, a little funny, I guess.

Spy: Not bad. A little slow, but decent.

Buck Marshall: Well, I'll be pretty shocked if it really does turn out to be the LB guy. Most likely candidate: Morgen. And, of course, I was right.

Slam Bradley: Hmm. Shorty seems to have blond hair, now. Or maybe he always did. Also, Slam and Shorty appear to live in Cleveland. Together. With one bed between them.