Type Comic
Date 1937-09
Tags fiction

Detective Comics #7

Detective Comics #7 (1937-09)

Slam Bradley: Eh. It's alright.

Cosmo: So, wait. Did Cosmo know it was the Russian guy, in advance? He acts like he did, in the last panel, but I'm pretty sure he didn't...

The Claws of the Red Dragon: Whoa, $20 in 1937 is worth about $320 today. That's not just a little something for his trouble, that's a good-sized bribe. Oh, putting him in a cage full of rats. Reminds me of 1984. Did Nelson know von Holtzendorff, before this? I thought that he didn't, in the first issue.

"Rifles on the River": Short story. Skipped.

Gumshoe Gus: Eh. Not too good.

Spy: Oh, will Sally turn out to be especially competent? Well, kind of. Though she did seem under-prepared for the man's attack. Not a bad story, I guess, but short.

Buck Marshall: Yeah, another dull story.

Larry Steele: Well, something's happening, but I don't know what it is, do I? An unsatisfying chapter.

Speed Saunders: The guy says he has a silencer, but appears to be using a revolver. I'm fairly sure those can't be silenced.

Silly Sleuths: Bah.