Type Comic
Date 1937-08
Tags fiction

Detective Comics #6

Detective Comics #6 (1937-08)

Speed Saunders: A story about a human brain being put into an ape's body. Mysteriously, it retains the ape's memories, so far as I can tell. Unsatisfying end.

Larry Steele: I forgot about this story, over the course of the last few days. Let's see how it goes... and, it wasn't too good.

Cosmo: "Little scratches and old friends shouldn't be neglected." Prediction, panel 13: diamonds being carried out by Jaeger via collection. Well, I got both the culprit and the device right, but I didn't expect that he was just tying the stones to arrows and shooting them out. I figured something more involved, like hollowed out items, or something. Simpler, this way, though.

The Claws of the Red Dragon: Meh. Some pretty lame heroics, honestly. Also, in panel 55, the guards are instructed, in English, to watch Nelson. In panel 60, we're told "luckily the guards didn't understand English".

"Tropical Trouble": Short story. Skipped.

Gumshoe Gus: Huh. And there's no real resolution. Also, I love that they felt the need to label the straitjacket.

Spy: Uh... that was... short. Sally didn't do so well with the sex appeal. But then she pulled a gun on them, and the story was over. I liked the last few better, I think.

Mr. Chang: So, Dr. Hugo von Gratz has a servant called Egor. Hmm. Not a terrible story, but...

Slam Bradley: Eh, as usual, nothing special.