Type Comic
Date 1937-07
Tags fiction

Detective Comics #5

Detective Comics #5 (1937-07)

July! Summer, sun, spies, and sidekicks! It's time for fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun.

I've oversold it. What do we actually get out of this issue?

Slam and Shorty go to school, and they're idiots! It's Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader: Old-Timey Detective Edition. Is the thirties old-timey? I think so. Anyway, school doesn't seem that summery, but whatever.

And we also get an incredibly unnecessary panel of Sigrid changing clothes in The Claws of the Red Dragon. It serves literally no purpose. It's like they had a bit of room at the end of the page and just decided to toss that one in there to fill in space.

Meanwhile, in Spy, Sally, tenacious lady that she is, becomes a spy in order, as she says, to keep her eyes on Bart. Way to go, Sally! I wonder if this makes up for that bit with Sigrid, earlier...


Slam Bradley: Kind of funny, actually.

Buck Marshall: Prediction: the cloth comes from the guy asking for the sheriff. Actually, it didn't. And Buck didn't solve the mystery. Neat.

The Claws of the Red Dragon: Actually pretty good. Though there is an incredibly unnecessary panel of Sigrid changing clothes.

"Winged Death": Short story. Skipped.

"The Elm Park Mystery": Same story we've seen a few times before. At least once from Alger, in fact.

Spy: Hey, Sally does well (sort of, I guess) and she gets to be a spy, too. Fun for all! Well, maybe not. But, is there a reason, now, that she and Bart can't be married? I'm not sure...

Cosmo: Huh. Dope smuggling via torpedo. Neat.

Larry Steele: People receive lots of messages about sick relatives, don't they?

Speed Saunders: Bad. Much worse that usual.