Type Comic
Date 1937-06
Tags fiction

Detective Comics #4

Detective Comics #4 (1937-06)

The Speed Saunders story was okay. Funny segment on p. 4:

The Cosmo story was decent, but super-predictable.

Buck Marshall: First page, I suspect the partner. 'Strange marks' on a paper, and he was a telegraph operator? Morse code, surely. And I was right on both counts.

The Claws of the Red Dragon: Could the man have left the safe unlocked on purpose? Also, they need to decide just what Sigrid's name is.

"The Evil Oak": short story. I'm skipping it.

"The Bumps Mystery": Meh. Not terrible, but not really worthwhile, either.

Spy is okay.

Mr. Chang: Eh, predictable. And his speech patterns are weird. Do they actually map to real speech of English-speaking Chinese persons, at the time? I should look into this...

Slam Bradley: So absurd. Hmm... and it's all absurd.