Type Comic
Date 1937-05
Tags wedding, fiction

Detective Comics #3

Detective Comics #3 (1937-05)

The Speed Saunders comic is basically "Speed gets in a fight on a boat."

"The Air-Mail Mystery" looks like an okay setup for a story, though for a heroine, Hope Hazard follows the pilot's lead a bit much.

The Cosmo story isn't any good.

The third part of "The Claws of the Red Dragon" is okay, but nothing special.

Didn't read "Shooting Lesson", a short story.

Alger's segment, "The Wales Case", is okay, and quite similar to the previous ones. The story it tells is odd, though--no reason given for Bell killing Jasper Wales.

"Spy!" begins with a real attention-grabber. It's not bad.

The Buck Marshall story isn't very good.

This installment of Slam Bradley is drawn by Jim Bettersworth, rather than Joe Shuster, and it really shows--it's not nearly as good, and both Slam and Shorty look very different. The story seems okay, though.