Type Comic
Date 1940-07-23
Tags fiction

Action Comics #28

Action Comics #28 (1940-09)

I'm giving up on Zatara, from here on out.


There's been a series of strongarm robberies, and Clark and Lois suspect the strongman of the circus that has recently arrived. Clark flashes lots of cash while there, and cleverly puts powder on the money that will turn the hands of anyone touching it red. He is robbed by the same strongarm criminal that has been terrorizing the area, but when it all wraps up, it turns out it's not the circus strongman--it's the clown, who was formerly the strongman, but was replaced.

Supermen of America

Message: "play fair even if defeat seems to be coming your way better to lose hodestly (sic) than to win by cheating."

The column opines on the war: "Today, nations are engaged in war because the men ruling some of the warring countries did not keep their words. They did not play fair!"

Name Role
Jerry Siegel Author
Joe Shuster Illustrator