Penguin: Pain & Prejudice

Parent series The New 52

This limited series gives us a look at the Penguin's childhood, as well as a present-day story that shows how the Penguin treats his friends and enemies. He enteres into a relationship with a blind woman, Cassandra, and seeks vengeance against all of Gotham for perceived slights.

Everything in the series is good, although there's really no tension from Penguin's revenge scheme. The final issue's blurb says "The ultimate revenge plot explodes into action. The lives of Gotham City's children are on the line, and the Dark Knight will have to race the clock to save them. But can Batman save them all?". That's the most minor part of the story, and it isn't interesting in itself. But as a window into the Penguin's psyche, it's useful.


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Cold World Comic 2011-10-05
Beautiful Boy Comic 2011-11-09
Blind Love Comic 2011-12-07
Practice Run Comic 2012-01-04
Touch of Death Comic 2012-02-08