Following on the success of the animated movie Aladdin in 1992, Disney created a TV series to chronicle the further exploits of Aladdin and company, pitting them against all manner of mystical antagonists, ranging from the merely annoying to the downright dangerous.

The show ran for a total of 86 episodes from 1994 to 1995.

I watched this one a lot when I was younger--every day, I guess. At the time, I liked it quite well, though I suspect that was because I had not developed very discerning tastes, yet.

I've been watching a bit of it lately, and I'm afraid that it doesn't hold up as well as I'd like. The episodes have pretty straightforward plots, and there's no continuity or character development, so in the end neither the viewer nor the characters get anything lasting out of the episodes.

The show suffers from many flaws that are hallmarks of a children's show: characterization changes to suit the needs of the plot; dumb jokes inserted at random moments; unrealistic black-and-white morality; too much time spent addressing the audience; and a severe lack of subtlety. It was certainly possible to do better at this time. Batman: The Animated Series ran from 1992 to 1995, and rarely fell into any of those traps.

I intend to watch this one fully, though regrettably I don't expect the average quality of the episodes to pick up much as it goes along. There are a few episodes that I remember enjoying, though, so I'll have some things to look forward to. And, I do think it's worthwhile to examine one of the elements of my formative years, even if it does fail to impress.


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Getting the Bugs Out Episode 1994-02-06 Steve Roberts, Toby Shelton
To Cure a Thief Episode 1994-04-11 Brian Swenlin, Kevin Campbell, Rob LaDuca Abu
Never Say Nefir Episode 1994-04-24 Alan Zaslove, Kevin Campbell
Air Feather Friends Episode 1994-09-05 Brian Swenlin, Tad Stones, Toby Shelton Abis Mal, Aladdin
Bad Mood Rising Episode 1994-09-06 Jan Strnad, Rob LaDuca Aladdin, Princess Jasmine
Do the Rat Thing Episode 1994-09-08 Doug Langdale, Jan Strnad, Toby Shelton Princess Jasmine
The Vapor Chase Episode 1994-09-13
Garden Of Evil Episode 1994-09-14 Mirith J. Colao, Rob LaDuca, Ron Perlman Arbutus
Much Abu About Something Episode 1994-09-15
My Fair Aladdin Episode 1994-09-16
Raiders Of The Lost Shark Episode 1994-09-17
Some Enchanted Genie Episode 1994-09-19
Web Of Fear Episode 1994-09-20
Mudder's Day Episode 1994-09-21
Plunder The Sea Episode 1994-09-22
Strike Up The Sand Episode 1994-09-23
Sneeze The Day Episode 1994-09-24
I Never Mechanism I Didn't Like Episode 1994-09-26
Fowl Weather Episode 1994-09-27
Forget Me Lots Episode 1994-09-28
Scare Necessities Episode 1994-09-29
SandSwitch Episode 1994-09-30
The Prophet Motive Episode 1994-10-01
Lost And Founded Episode 1994-10-03
Moonlight Madness Episode 1994-10-04
The Flawed Couple Episode 1994-10-05
Rain Of Terror Episode 1994-10-06
Dune Quixote Episode 1994-10-07
That Stinking Feeling Episode 1994-10-08
The Day The Bird Stood Still Episode 1994-10-10
Of Ice And Men Episode 1994-10-11
Opposites Detract Episode 1994-10-12
Caught By The Tale Episode 1994-10-13
Elemental, My Dear Jasmine Episode 1994-10-14
Heads, You Lose Episode 1994-10-14
Beast Or Famine Episode 1994-10-15
Smolder And Wiser Episode 1994-10-17
The Game Episode 1994-10-18
Snowman Is An Island Episode 1994-10-19
The Animal Kingdom Episode 1994-10-20
Power to the Parrot Episode 1994-10-21
The Spice Is Right Episode 1994-10-22
The Sands of Fate Episode 1994-10-24
The Citadel Episode 1994-10-25
Poor Iago Episode 1994-10-26
The Secret of Dagger Rock Episode 1994-10-27
In the Heat of the Fright Episode 1994-10-28
Hero With A Thousand Feathers Episode 1994-10-29
The Seven Faces Of Genie Episode 1994-10-31
The Wind Jackal Of Mozenrath Episode 1994-11-01
A Clockwork Hero Episode 1994-11-02
Mission: Imp Possible Episode 1994-11-03
Stinkerbelle Episode 1994-11-04
Witch Way Did She Go? Episode 1994-11-05
Shadow Of A Doubt Episode 1994-11-07
Smells Like Trouble Episode 1994-11-08
The Way We War Episode 1994-11-09
Night Of The Living Mud Episode 1994-11-10
Egg-stra Protection Episode 1994-11-11
Sea No Evil Episode 1994-11-12
The Love Bug Episode 1994-11-15
When Chaos Comes Calling Episode 1994-11-16
Armored And Dangerous Episode 1994-11-17
Shark Treatment Episode 1994-11-18
A Sultan Worth His Salt Episode 1994-11-19
Black Sand Episode 1994-11-21
Love At First Sprite Episode 1994-11-22
Vocal Hero Episode 1994-11-23
The Lost City Of The Sun Episode 1994-11-24
As The Netherworld Turns Episode 1994-11-25
Genie Hunt Episode 1994-11-26
Seems Like Old Crimes (1) Episode 1994-11-28
Seems Like Old Crimes (2) Episode 1994-11-29
From Hippsodeth, With Love Episode 1994-11-30
Destiny On Fire Episode 1994-12-01
The Return Of Malcho Episode 1994-12-02
The Lost Ones Episode 1994-12-03
Eye Of The Beholder Episode 1994-12-10
The Hunted Episode 1995-09-16
Riders Redux Episode 1995-09-23
The Book Of Khartoum Episode 1995-09-30
While The City Snoozes Episode 1995-10-07
Two To Tangle Episode 1995-10-14
The Ethereal Episode 1995-10-21
The Shadow Knows Episode 1995-10-28
The Great Rift Episode 1995-11-04