Pocket VOY

Parent series Star Trek: Voyager books


Title Type Date Names Characters Series
Caretaker Book 1995-02 L. A. Graf Kathryn Janeway, Tom Paris
The Escape Book 1995-05 Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Ragnarok Book 1995-07 Nathan Archer
Violations Book 1995-09 Susan Wright
Incident at Arbuk Book 1995-11 John Gregory Betancourt
Ghost of a Chance Book 1996-04 Charles G. McGraw, Mark A. Garland
Cybersong Book 1996-06 S. N. Lewitt
The Final Fury Book 1996-08 Dafydd ab Hugh
Bless the Beasts Book 1996-12 Karen Haber
Death of a Neutron Star Book 1999-03-01 Eric Kotani
No Man's Land Book 2001-10-01 Christie Golden