IFComp 1995

Parent series The Interactive Fiction Competition

The first Interactive Fiction Competition (called, in the original announcement, the "First Annual Text Adventure Authorship Competition"), organized by Gerry Kevin Wilson (aka Whizzard).

There was only one rule, and it has remained until the present:

The Rule: The text adventure you enter must be winnable in under two hours. Judges will be asked to rate it after playing for that long.

rules of the IF competition (1995-06-26)

Unusually, this first year, the competition had separate divisions for TADS and Inform games. In all following competitions, all games were considered together, regardless of authoring system.


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters Series
A Change in the Weather Game 1995 Z-Machine Andrew Plotkin
A Night at the Museum Forever Game 1995 TADS Chris Angelini
All Quiet on the Library Front Game 1995 Z-Machine Michael S. Phillips
Mystery Science Theater 3000 Presents "Detective" Game 1995 Z-Machine C. E. Forman, Matt Barringer
The Magic Toyshop Game 1995 Z-Machine Gareth Rees
The Mind Electric Game 1995 Z-Machine Jason Dyer
The One That Got Away Game 1995 TADS Leon Lin
Toonesia Game 1995 TADS C. J. T. Spaulding
Tube Trouble Game 1995 Z-Machine Richard Tucker
Uncle Zebulon's Will Game 1995 TADS Magnus Olsson
Undertow Game 1995 TADS Stephen Granade
Undo Game 1995 Platform Independent null dogmas