Green Lantern: New Guardians

New 52
Parent series The New 52


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Part One Comic 2011-09-28
Part Two Comic 2011-10-26
Part Three Comic 2011-11-23 Harvey Tolibao, Tony Bedard, Tyler Kirkham
Part Four Comic 2011-12-28 Tony Bedard, Tyler Kirkham
The Orrery Comic 2012-01-25
Rage of Angels Comic 2012-02-22
Invictus Comic 2012-03-28
Arkillo's Might Comic 2012-04-25
Beyond Hope Comic 2012-05-23
Beyond Hope, Conclusion Comic 2012-06-27
Operation: Agent Orange Comic 2012-07-25
In the Name of Love Comic 2012-08-22
Love & Death Comic 2012-09-19
All The Rage Comic 2012-10-17
Fear Factor Comic 2012-11-21
The Need for Greed Comic 2012-12-19
Let Love Rule Comic 2013-01-23
Wrath of the First Lantern, Part Three: 2 Reunions and a Funeral Comic 2013-02-20
Wrath of the First Lantern, Part Seven: Paths Untaken Comic 2013-03-20
Wrath of the First Lantern, Part Eleven: Shadow of Death Comic 2013-04-17
Reunion Comic 2013-05-23
The Anomaly Comic 2013-06-19
Relic Comic 2013-07-17
Keep Hope Alive Comic 2013-08-21
Lights Out, Part Three: Gods and Monsters Comic 2013-10-16
All Tomorrow's Parties Comic 2013-11-20
Yesterday's Gone Comic 2013-12-18
Keeper Comic 2014-01-22
The Godkillers, Part I: Light and Fire Comic 2014-02-19
The Godkillers, Part II: Cathedrals Comic 2014-03-19
The Godkillers, Part III: How the Gods Kill Comic 2014-04-16
Dead World Comic 2014-05-21
Body Snatchers Comic 2014-06-18
The Makers Comic 2014-07-16
Sacrifices Comic 2014-08-20
Godhead, Act I, Part IV: Trust Comic 2014-10-15
Godhead, Act II, Part III: Best Laid Plans Comic 2014-11-19
Godhead, Act III, Part III: Storming the Gates Comic 2014-12-17
It All Ends Here, Part 1 of 3 Comic 2015-01-21
It All Ends Here, Part 2 of 3 Comic 2015-02-18
It All Ends Here, Part 3 of 3 Comic 2015-03-18