Suicide Squad

2011, New 52
Parent series The New 52


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Kicked in the Teeth Comic 2011-09-14
When the Levee Breaks Comic 2011-10-12
Last Chance Comic 2011-11-09 Adam Glass, Cliff Richards
Bad Company Comic 2011-12-14 Adam Glass, Federico Dallocchio
Abandon All Hope Comic 2012-01-11 Adam Glass, Federico Dallocchio, Ken Lashley
The Hunt for Harley Quinn, Part 1 Comic 2012-02-08 Adam Glass, Clayton Henry
The Hunt for Harley Quinn, Conclusion Comic 2012-03-14 Adam Glass, Clayton Henry, Ig Guara Barros
Aftermath Comic 2012-04-11 Adam Glass, Federico Dallocchio
Dead Man Walking Comic 2012-05-09 Adam Glass, Fernando Dagnino
Judas Rising Comic 2012-06-13 Adam Glass, Fernando Dagnino
Communication Breakdown Comic 2012-07-11 Adam Glass, Carlos Rodriguez
Killin' Time Comic 2012-08-08 Adam Glass, Fernando Dagnino
Point of No Return Comic 2012-09-12 Adam Glass, Fernando Dagnino
Dead End Comic 2012-10-10 Adam Glass, Cliff Richards
Running With the Devil Comic 2012-11-14 Adam Glass, Fernando Dagnino
Running With the Devil, Part 2 Comic 2012-12-12 Adam Glass, Fernando Dagnino
Killing in the Name of... Comic 2013-01-16 Adam Glass, Henrik Jonsson
Bad Moon Rising Comic 2013-02-13 Adam Glass, Henrik Jonsson
Death Blooms Comic 2013-03-13 Adam Glass, Henrik Jonsson
Red Rain Comic 2013-04-10 Adam Glass, Cliff Richards
Discipline and Punish, Part One of Two Comic 2013-05-08 Ales Kot, Patrick Zircher
Discipline and Punish, Part Two of Two Comic 2013-06-12 Ales Kot, Patrick Zircher
Light at the End of the Tunnel Comic 2013-07-10 Ales Kot, Patrick Zircher
Slash 'N' Burn Comic 2013-08-14 Ales Kot, Rick Leonardi
Excuse the Mess... Comic 2013-10-09 Matt Kindt, Patrick Zircher
Cleaning Out the Closet Comic 2013-11-13 Matt Kindt, Patrick Zircher
Aloha! Comic 2013-12-11 Matt Kindt, Patrick Zircher, Roger Robinson
Under & Over Comic 2014-01-15 Matt Kindt, Rafa Sandoval, Roger Robinson
Magic Bullet Comic 2014-02-12 Carlos Rodriguez, Jason Masters, Matt Kindt
Flushed Comic 2014-03-19 Jim Fern, Matt Kindt
Walled In Comic 2014-05-28 Andre Coelho, Sean Ryan