The Savage Hawkman

New 52
Parent series The New 52


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Hawkman Rising Comic 2011-09-28
Wings of Darkness Comic 2011-10-26
Razing Kane Comic 2011-11-23 Philip Tan, Tony Daniel
The Savage Hawkman Vs. The Black Plague Comic 2011-12-28 Philip Tan, Tony Daniel
Walking Nightmares Comic 2012-01-25
Open Graves Comic 2012-02-22
Rise of the Dead Comic 2012-03-28
Strange Bedfellows Comic 2012-04-25
Nth Ways to Die Comic 2012-05-23
War Games Comic 2012-06-27
Last Rites Comic 2012-07-25
Revelations Comic 2012-08-22
Those Who Rise Above Us Comic 2012-09-26
Hawkman: Wanted, Part One; The Enemy of my Enemy Comic 2012-10-24
Hawkman: Wanted, Part Four: Birds of a Feather Comic 2012-11-28
Hawkman: Wanted, Part Five: Hunt's End Comic 2013-01-02
Hawkman: Wanted, The Conclusion: Torture Comic 2013-01-30
Like a Shadow in the Night! Comic 2013-02-27
Shadows Lost! Comic 2013-03-27
Beware the Blockbuster! Comic 2013-04-24
The Deep! Comic 2013-05-22