2011, New 52
Parent series The New 52


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Clonesurrection Comic 2012-09-12
The Clone Comic 2011-09-14
Superboys and Their Toys Comic 2011-10-12
Free at Last, Free at Last Comic 2011-11-09 R. B. Silva, Scott Lobdell
Wise Men Need Not Apply Comic 2011-12-14 R. B. Silva, Scott Lobdell
Breakout Comic 2012-01-11
Not So Super Comic 2012-02-08
Untamed Rose! Comic 2012-03-14
The Culling, Prelude: Training Day Comic 2012-04-11
The Culling, Part Two: Lost Claws Comic 2012-05-09
The Mysterious Mystery of Mystery Island Comic 2012-06-13
Brothers-in-Harm! Comic 2012-07-11
Night Games! Comic 2012-08-08
Law and Disorder Comic 2012-10-10
The Face of H'el Comic 2012-11-14
Shattered Steel! Comic 2012-12-12
Triggers Comic 2013-01-16
Lost Cause Comic 2013-02-13
Mind Your Manners; Good Boy Comic 2013-03-13
Gone But Not Begotten Comic 2013-04-10
A Wretched H.I.V.E. Comic 2013-05-08
State of Decay Comic 2013-06-12
High School And Other Assorted Horrors Comic 2013-07-31
Match Game Comic 2013-08-14
Secrets and Origins Comic 2013-10-09
Krypton Returns, Part 2 Comic 2013-11-13
To Hell and Back Comic 2013-12-11
Mind Games Comic 2014-01-15
Lost Souls Comic 2014-02-12
Homeward Bound Comic 2014-03-12
Forget the Past Comic 2014-04-09
Delivery Comic 2014-05-14
Happenings Comic 2014-06-11
Paradox Comic 2014-07-09
Know Thy Self Comic 2014-08-13