I, Vampire

New 52
Parent series The New 52


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Tainted Love Comic 2011-09-28
Girls Just Want to Have Fun Comic 2011-10-26
Numb Comic 2011-11-23 Andrea Sorrentino, Joshua Hale Fialkov
In Between Days Comic 2011-12-28 Andrea Sorrentino, Joshua Hale Fialkov
Gouge Away Comic 2012-01-25
This Charming Man Comic 2012-02-22
Rise of the Vampires, Part Two: Blame it on Cain Comic 2012-03-28
Rise of the Vampires, Finale: Cruel to be Kind Comic 2012-04-25
Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs are Taking Over) Comic 2012-05-23
Waiting for the End of the World Comic 2012-06-27
The Drowning Man Comic 2012-07-25
Disintergration Comic 2012-08-22
Break My Body Comic 2012-09-26
Debaser Comic 2012-10-24
Winterlong Comic 2012-11-28
Here Comes Your Man Comic 2013-01-02
Nimrod's Son Comic 2013-01-30
Wave of Mutilation Comic 2013-02-27
Dig For Fire Comic 2013-03-27
Caribou Comic 2013-04-24