Parent series DC comics


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Creature of the Night Comic 1994-10
Batman #1 Comic 1940-06 Bill Finger, Bob Kane
Batman #2 Comic 1940-07
Batman #3 Comic 1940-10
Batman #4 Comic 1941-01 (Winter)
Batman #5 Comic 1941-04 (Spring)
Batman #6 Comic 1941-08
The Winning Team Comic 1941-10
Stone Walls Do Not A Prison Make Comic 1941-12
The Four Fates Comic 1942-02
The Isle That Time Forgot Comic 1942-04
The Joker's Advertising Campaign Comic 1942-06
Brothers In Crime Comic 1942-08
The Batman Plays a Lone Hand Comic 1942-10
The Case Batman Failed To Solve! Comic 1942-12
Your Face is Your Fortune Comic 1943-02
Surprise! Someone Learns the True Identities of Batman & Robin. Who Can He Be? Comic 1943-04
The Batman's Biographer Comic 1943-06
The Secret of Hunters Inn Comic 1943-08
Batman Makes a Deadline Comic 1943-10
Bruce Wayne loses the guardianship of Dick Grayson Comic 1943-12
The Streamlined Rustlers Comic 1944-02
The Duped Domestics Comic 1944-04
The Upside Down Crimes Comic 1944-06
It Happened in Rome Comic 1944-08
Are Two Villains Better Than One? Comic 1944-10
Twenty-Ton Robbery Comic 1944-12
Season's Greetings From Batman And Robin Comic 1945-02
Shadow City Comic 1945-04
Enemy No. 1 Comic 1945-06
Back To the Big House Comic 1945-08
Punch and Judy Comic 1945-10
The Three Musketeers! Comic 1945-12
Crime On the Wing Comic 1946-02
Marathon Of Menace! Comic 1946-04
Dick Grayson, Author! Comic 1946-06
Sir Batman and Robin in King Arthurs Court Comic 1946-09
The Joker Steals The Batman's Thunder! : The Joker Follows Suit Comic 1946-11
The Penguin on Parole! Comic 1947-01
Catwoman Vs. Batman! Comic 1947-02
The 13 Club! Comic 1947-05
Batman, Interplanetary Policeman! Comic 1947-07
Claws of the Catwoman! Comic 1947-09
The Blackbird of Banditry! Comic 1947-10
Gamble WIth Doom! Comic 1948-01
A Batman And Robin Christmas Adventure Comic 1948-02
Batman And Robin Battle Mutiny In This Big House Comic 1948-04
The Origin of Batman Comic 1948-06
The 1,000 Secrets Of The Bat-Cave! Comic 1948-08
The Prison Doctor! Comic 1948-10
The Return Of Two-Face! Comic 1948-12
The Wonderful Mr. Wimble Comic 1949-02
The Man With the Automatic Brain! Comic 1949-04
A Hairpin, a Hoe, a Hacksaw, a Hole In the Ground! Comic 1949-06
The Treasure Hunter! Comic 1949-08
The Case of the 48 Jokers Comic 1949-11
Ride, Bat-Hombre, Ride! Comic 1949-12
The Trial of Bruce Wayne! Comic 1950-02
The State-Bird Crimes! Comic 1950-04
Batman In The Future! Comic 1950-06
Crime Through the Ages! Comic 1950-08
The Origin Of Batplane II! Comic 1950-10
The Secret Life Of The Catwoman! Comic 1950-12
The Joker's Crime Costumes!; The Case Of Flying Saucers; The Origin Of Killer Moth! Comic 1951-02
The Candid Camera Killer!; Th Forgotten Men Of Crime!; The Return Of Killer Moth! Comic 1951-04
The Empress Of The Underworld! Comic 1951-06
The Joker's Comedy Of Errors Comic 1951-08
The Mystery Rope! Comic 1951-10
The New Crimes Of Two-Face! Comic 1951-12
The King Of Cats! Comic 1952-02
The Robot Cop Of Gotham City! Comic 1952-04
The Jail For Heroes! Comic 1952-06
The Jungle Batman! Comic 1952-08
The Joker's Utility Belt! Comic 1952-10
The Movie That Killed Batman Comic 1952-12
The Gorilla Boss of Gotham City Comic 1953-02
The Danger Club Comic 1953-04
The Crime Predictor Comic 1953-06
Batman of the Mounties Comic 1953-08
The Bride of Batman Comic 1953-10
The Machines of Menace Comic 1953-12
Two-Face Strikes Again! Comic 1954-02
The Flying Batman Comic 1954-03
The Testing of Batman Comic 1954-04
The Sleeping Beauties of Gotham City Comic 1954-06
The Costume of Doom Comic 1954-08
Batman -- Indian Chief! Comic 1954-09
Batman Falls in Love! Comic 1954-10
The Son of Batman Comic 1954-12
Bruce Wayne's Aunt Agatha! Comic 1955-02
The Web of Doom; City of Fantasy; The Adventures of Batboy! Comic 1955-03
The Map of Mystery Comic 1955-04
Ace, the Bat-Hound Comic 1955-06
The Caveman Batman Comic 1955-08
Mystery of the Sky Museum Comic 1955-09
The Ballad of Batman Comic 1955-10
Third Alarm for Batman Comic 1955-12
The Return of the Bat-Hound Comic 1956-02
The Return of Mister Future; The Desert Island Batman; Secret of the Batmobile Comic 1956-03
The Phantom of the Bat-Cave Comic 1956-04
[100th Batman Issue!] Comic 1956-06
The Great Bat-Cape Hunt! Comic 1956-08
The Caveman at Large Comic 1956-09
Bat-Hound, Movie Star Comic 1956-10
The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms Comic 1956-12
The Challenge of Batwoman Comic 1957-02
The Batman Puppet Comic 1957-03
The Grown-Up Boy Wonder Comic 1957-04
The Career of Batman Jones Comic 1957-06
The 1,001 Inventions of Batman Comic 1957-08
The Phantom Batman Comic 1957-09
The Armored Batman Comic 1957-10
Am I Really Batman? Comic 1957-12
Batman: Superman of Planet X Comic 1958-02
The Secret of Mechanical City Comic 1958-03
The Batman in the Bottle Comic 1958-04
The Winged Bat-People Comic 1958-06
Manhunt in Outer Space Comic 1958-08
The Merman Batman Comic 1958-09
Rip-Van Batman Comic 1958-10
The Airborne Batman Comic 1958-12
The Ice Crimes of Mr. Zero Comic 1959-02
The Marriage of Batman and Batwoman! Comic 1959-03
The Fugitive Batman Comic 1959-04
The Mystery Seeds From Space Comic 1959-06
King Batman the First Comic 1959-08
The Menace of the Firefly Comic 1959-09
The Hammer of Thor Comic 1959-10
The Interplanetary Batman Comic 1959-12
The Web of the Spinner Comic 1960-02
The Hand From Nowhere Comic 1960-03
The Second Batman and Robin Team Comic 1960-04
Lair of the Sea-Fox Comic 1960-06
Batwoman's Publicity Agent Comic 1960-08
The Rainbow Creature Comic 1960-09
The Menace of the Sky Creature Comic 1960-10
Challenge of the Joker Comic 1960-12
Robin's New Boss Comic 1961-02
Secret of the Sea Beast Comic 1961-03
Bat-Girl Comic 1961-04
The Eighth Wonder of Space Comic 1961-06
The Crimes of the Clockmaster Comic 1961-08
Ruler of the Bewitched Valley Comic 1961-09
Bat-Hound and the Creature Comic 1961-10
Bat-Mite Meets Bat-Girl; The Alien Feud on Earth; The Man Who Played Batman Comic 1961-12
The Son of the Joker Comic 1962-02
The Deadly Curse of Korabo Comic 1962-03
Batman Becomes Bat-Baby Comic 1962-05
The Joker's Greatest Triumph Comic 1962-06
Invaders From the Past Comic 1962-08
Robin, the Super Boy Wonder Comic 1962-09
Batman's New Secret Identity Comic 1962-10
The False Face Society Comic 1962-12
Prisoners of Three Worlds Comic 1963-02
The Strange Experiment of Doctor Dorn Comic 1963-03
Return of the Penguin ; Batman's Psychic Twin Comic 1963-05
Robin Dies at Dawn Comic 1963-06
The Villain of the Year ; The Hunt for Batman's Secret Identity Comic 1963-08
Ace -- the Super Bat-Hound; Batman and Robin, Imposters; Secret of the Impossible Perils Comic 1963-09
The Great Clayface-Joker Feud Comic 1963-11
The Alien Boss of Gotham City Comic 1963-12
The Bat-Mite Hero Comic 1964-02
The Batman Creature ; Robin's New Secret Identity Comic 1964-03
The Joker Jury Comic 1964-05
Two-Way Gem Caper! Comic 1964-06
The Man Who Quit the Human Race Comic 1964-08
Two-Way Deathtrap Comic 1964-09
Zero Hour for Earth Comic 1964-11
The Fight That Jolted Gotham City Comic 1964-12
Partners In Plunder Comic 1965-02
Genius of the Gimmick Getaways! Comic 1965-03
Remarkable Ruse of the Riddler Comic 1965-05
Attack of the Invisible Knights Comic 1965-06
Secret Identities for Sale Comic 1965-08
The Human Punching Bag Comic 1965-09
The Decline and Fall of Batman Comic 1965-11
Batman and Robin's Most Fantastic Foes Comic 1965-12
Two Batmen Too Many Comic 1965-12
Raid of the Rocketeers Comic 1966-02
Clay Pigeon for a Killer Comic 1966-03
Death Knocks Three Times Comic 1966-05
Beware of Poison Ivy!, The perfect crime - slightly imperfect! Comic 1966-06
Batman #182 Comic 1966-05-12
A Touch of Poison Ivy! Comic 1966-08
Mystery of the Missing Manhunters Comic 1966-09
Starring Robin The Boy Wonder Comic 1966-11
The Joker's Original Robberies Comic 1966-11
The Best Of Batman! Comic 1966-12
The Eraser Who Tried to Rub Out Batman; The Ten Best-Dressed Corpses in Gotham City Comic 1966-12
Fright of the Scarecrow Comic 1967-02
"The Penguin Takes a Flyer -- Into the Future!" Comic 1967-03
The Day Batman Sold Out Comic 1967-05
The Crystal Ball That Betrayed Batman Comic 1967-06
Batman And Robin's Bizarre Action Roles! Comic 1967-08
The Blockbuster Goes Bat-Mad Comic 1967-08
The Spark-Spangled See-Through Man Comic 1967-09
Batman #196 Comic 1967-11
The Catwoman Sets Her Claws for Batman Comic 1967-12
Special All-Villain Issue! Comic 1968-02
Peril of the Poison Rings! Comic 1968-02
The Man Who Radiated Fear! Comic 1968-03
Batman's Gangland Guardians Comic 1968-05
Gateway to Death! ; Menace of the Motorcycle Marauders! Comic 1968-06
The Secrets of the Batcave! Comic 1968-08
Operation Blindfold! Comic 1968-08
Blind As a ... Bat? Comic 1968-09
Batman Walks the Last Mile! : This Is the...End! Comic 1968-11
The Doomsday Ball! : Death Trap! Comic 1968-12
The Women in Batman's Life! Comic 1969-02
Jungle Jeopardy Comic 1969-02
The Case of the Purr-Loined Pearl Comic 1969-03
Batman's Big Blow-Off! Comic 1969-05
Baffling Deaths of the Crime-Czar! Comic 1969-06
The Origin of Robin Comic 1969-08
Batman's Marriage Trap Comic 1969-08
Call Me Master! Comic 1969-07-17
Angel - or Devil? Comic 1969-11
One Bullet Too Many! Comic 1969-12
The Strangest Cases From Batman's Crime-File! Comic 1970-02
Death Casts The Deciding Vote!; The Silent Night of the Batman Comic 1970-02
This Murder Has Been... Pre-Recorded Comic 1970-03
A Bat-Death For Batman!; Hot Time In Gotham Town Tonight! Comic 1970-05
Dead... Till Proven Alive!; Case of no Consequence! Comic 1970-06
City without Guns Comic 1970-08
Carnival Of The Cursed Comic 1970-08
Wanted For Murder-One, The Batman; Shutdown On York Street! Comic 1970-09
The Man With Ten Eyes! Comic 1970-11
The Demon Of Gothos Mansion Comic 1970-12
Outlaw Town, U.S.A.! Comic 1971-02
Asylum of the Futurians!; Temperature Boiling ...and Rising! Comic 1971-02
Take-Over of Paradise!; Danger Comes A-Looking! Comic 1971-03
Blind Rage Of The Ten-Eyed Man!; Wiped Out! Comic 1971-05
"Daughter Of The Demon!" Comic 1971-06
The Death Cheaters of Gotham City! Comic 1971-08
Half an Evil Comic 1971-08
Swamp Sinister Comic 1971-09
Wall of the Ghost Bride!; Rain Fire! Comic 1971-11
Night of the Reaper! Comic 1971-12
The Masterminds of Crime! Comic 1972-01
Silent Night, Deadly Night! Comic 1972-02
Vengeance for a Dead Man Comic 1972-03
At Dawn Dies Mary MacGuffin! Comic 1972-05
"Bruce Wayne - - Rest In Peace"! Comic 1972-06
"The Lazarus Pit" Comic 1972-08
The Demon Lives Again! Comic 1972-09
"The Bruce Wayne Murder Case!" Comic 1972-10
How Many Ways Can a Robin Die? Comic 1972-12
Merry Christmas Comic 1973-02
Death-Knell for a Traitor! Comic 1973-04
The Citadel of Crime Comic 1973-06
The Deadly Numbers Game! and "The "Batman Nobody Knows" Comic 1973-07
The Jokers Five-Way Revenge! Comic 1973-09
The Spook's Master Stroke! Comic 1973-10
Who Knows What Evil? Comic 1973-11
King of the Gotham Jungle! Comic 1974-02
Moon of the Wolf Comic 1974-03
Catwoman's Circus Caper! Comic 1974-06
Hail Emperor Penguin! Comic 1974-08
"The Threat of the Two-Headed Coin" Comic 1974-10
The Night of the Shadow! Comic 1974-12
This One'll Kill You, Batman; The Grade A Crimes; The Perfect Crime; The Pearl Of Peril Comic 1975-01
The Mystery That Never Was! Comic 1975-03
The Scarecrow's Trail of Fear! ; The Round Robin Death Threats ; Where There's a Will - There's a Slay! Comic 1975-04
Riddler on the Move! Comic 1975-05
Death of a Daredevil Comic 1975-06
Batman's Greatest Failure! Comic 1975-07
The Curious Case of the Catwoman's Coincidences! Comic 1975-08
Invitation to a Murder! Comic 1975-09
Murder Masquerade Comic 1975-10
The Daily Death of Terry Tremayne Comic 1975-11
The Menace of the Fiery Heads! Comic 1975-12
The Corpse Came C.O.D. Comic 1976-01
The Underworld Olympics '76! Comic 1976-02
The Bank-Shot That Baffled Batman Comic 1976-03
Gotham City Treasure Hunt! Comic 1976-04
The Ferry Blows at Midnight! Comic 1976-05
The Haunting of the Spook! Comic 1976-06
The Riddle of the Man Who Walked Backwards! Comic 1976-07
Stop Me Before I Kill Batman Comic 1976-08
Riddler On The Rampage Comic 1976-09
The Only Crime in Town! Comic 1976-10
Murder Comes in Black Boxes! Comic 1976-11
Four Doorways to Danger! Comic 1976-12
Omega Bomb Target: Gotham City Comic 1977-01
If There Were No Batman ... I Would Have to Invent Him! Comic 1977-02
The Mystery of Christmas Lost! Comic 1977-03
"The Joker's Playground of Peril!" Comic 1977-04
Batman-Ex -- As in Extinct! Comic 1977-05
The Little Men's Hall of Fame! Comic 1977-06
Sign of the Skull Comic 1977-07
Skull Dugger's Killjoy Capers! Comic 1977-08
Where Were You On The Night Batman Was Killed? Comic 1977-09
The Testimony Of The Riddler Comic 1977-10
The Testimony of Luthor! Comic 1977-11
Testimony Of The Joker! Comic 1977-12
The Adventure of the Houdini Whodunit! Comic 1978-01
The Sinister Straws of the Scarecrow Comic 1978-02
The Mad Hatter Goes Straight! Comic 1978-03
The Case of the Crimson Coffin Comic 1978-04
The Island of Purple Mist! Comic 1978-05
Last Batman Story! Comic 1978-06
The Only Man Batman Ever Killed! Comic 1978-07
The Attack of the Wire-Head Killers Comic 1978-08
Batman's Great Identity Switch Comic 1978-09
To Hell With Batman... and Back! Comic 1978-10
Death-Gamble of a Darknight Detective! / With This Ring Find Me Dead Comic 1978-11
Night of Siege Comic 1978-12
Dark Messenger of Mercy Comic 1979-01
There'll Be a Cold Time in the Old Town Tonight! Comic 1979-02
Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas! Comic 1979-03
The Ghost Who Haunted Batman Comic 1979-04
Dr. Phosphorus is Back! Comic 1979-05
A Caper a Day Keeps the Batman at Bay! Comic 1979-06
Two For The Money! Comic 1979-07
Once Beaten, Twice Sly! Comic 1979-08
Danger on the Wing! Comic 1979-09
Color Me Deadly! Comic 1979-10
The 1,001 Clue Caper or Why Did the Riddler Cross the Road? Comic 1979-11
My City Burns at Both Ends -- It Will Not Last the Night! Comic 1979-12
Never Give Up the Ghost! Comic 1980-01
The Curse of the Inquisitor! Comic 1980-02
Dreadful Birthday Dear Joker! Comic 1980-03
Chaos -- Coming and Going! Comic 1980-04
Shadow of the Cat Comic 1980-05
The Cat Who Would Be King Comic 1980-06
Death -- Twenty Stories High Comic 1980-07
This Way Lies Madness Comic 1980-08
Asylum Sinister! Comic 1980-09
Double Jeopardy Comic 1980-10
Twice Dies the Batman!; Case of the Hijacked Head Comic 1980-11
Target! Comic 1980-12
Closed Circuit! Comic 1981-01
Fallout! [The Lazarus Affair] ; Cat's Paw! Comic 1981-02
The China Syndrome [The Lazarous Affair] ; Shangahaied! Comic 1981-03
Infinity Island [The Lazarus Affair] ; Whodunit; ...From the Ashes Comic 1981-04
Ashes to Ashes [The Lazarus Affair] Comic 1981-05
While the Bat's Away ... Comic 1981-06
Where Walks a Snowman Comic 1981-07
This Sporting Death! Comic 1981-08
A Sweet Kiss of Poison Comic 1981-09
A Man Called Mole! Comic 1981-10
The Ghost of Wayne Mansion Comic 1981-11
Man-Bat is Back! Comic 1981-12
A Dagger So Deadly Comic 1982-01
Monster, My Sweet! Comic 1982-02
Calling Doctor Death! Comic 1982-03
Half a Hero Comic 1982-04
The Shadow of the Batman starring Batman Comic 1982-05
Shadow Play Comic 1982-06
Blood Sport Comic 1982-07
Nightmare in Crimson! Comic 1982-08
What Stalks the Gotham Night? Comic 1982-09
The Killer Sky! Comic 1982-10
Last Laugh Comic 1982-11
Showdown Comic 1982-12
The Bat ... ... and the Cat Comic 1983-01
The Double Life of Hugo Strange Comic 1983-02
Squid Comic 1983-03
Don't Mess With Killer Croc! Comic 1983-04
Hunt Comic 1983-05
When Slays the Savage Skull Comic 1983-06
The Most Successful Species! Comic 1983-07
When Riddled By The Riddler Comic 1983-08
Elegant Night Crimes Comic 1983-09
The Man of a Thousand Menaces Comic 1983-10
Ruins Comic 1983-11
The Joker Is Wild! Comic 1983-12
The Green Ghosts of Gotham Comic 1984-01
A Revenge of Rainbows Comic 1984-02
Target Practice Comic 1984-03
Up Above the Sin So High... Comic 1984-04
Nine Cradles of Death Comic 1984-05
What Price, the Prize? Comic 1984-06
The Frequency of Fear Comic 1984-07
Pieces of Penguin! Comic 1984-08
The Glacier Under Gotham! Comic 1984-09
Nightmares, Inc. Comic 1984-10
The Slayer of Night Comic 1984-11
One Hat Madder! Comic 1984-12
Bedtime Stories Comic 1985-01
End of the Bat Comic 1985-02
Darkly Moved the Pawns Comic 1985-03
The Vengeance Spiral Comic 1985-04
Just As Night Follows Day... Comic 1985-05
Broken Dates Comic 1985-06
Day Of Doom Comic 1985-07
Black Mask: Losing Face Comic 1985-08
Ebon Masquery Comic 1985-09
The Round-Trip Looking Glass! Comic 1985-10
Red Skies Comic 1985-11
Women Dark And Dangerous Comic 1985-12
Death Comes As The End Comic 1986-01
A Night on the Town Comic 1986-02
The Dark Rider Comic 1986-03
At The Heart Of Stone Comic 1986-04
Fury of the Film Freak Comic 1986-05
Box-Office Smash Comic 1986-06
Binary Brains Comic 1986-07
About Faces! Comic 1986-08
Strike Two! Comic 1986-09
Resurrection Night! Comic 1986-10
A Bird in The Hand ... Comic 1986-11
There's Nothing So Savage as a Man Destroying Himself Comic 1986-12
One Batman Too Many Comic 1987-01
Who I am, How I Came To Be. Comic 1987-02
War Is Declared Comic 1987-03
Black Dawn Comic 1987-04
Friend In Need Comic 1987-05
Did Robin Die Tonight? Comic 1987-06 Adrienne Roy, Chris Warner, Max Allan Collins, Mike Decarlo
Just Another Kid on Crime Alley Comic 1987-07 Adrienne Roy, Dick Giordano, Max Allan Collins, Ross Andru
A Death in the Family, Book One, Chapters 1 & 2 Comic 1988-12 Adrienne Roy, Jim Aparo, Jim Starlin, John Costanza, Mike Decarlo, Mike Mignola
A Death in the Family, Book Two, Chapters 3 & 4 Comic 1988-12 Adrienne Roy, Jim Aparo, Jim Starlin, John Costanza, Mike Decarlo, Mike Mignola
A Death in the Family, Book Three, Chapter 5 Comic 1988-12 Adrienne Roy, Jim Aparo, Jim Starlin, John Costanza, Mike Decarlo, Mike Mignola
A Death in the Family, Book Four, Chapter 6 Comic 1989-01 Adrienne Roy, Jim Aparo, Jim Starlin, John Costanza, Mike Decarlo, Mike Mignola
Fatal Wish Comic 1989-02
The Wall Comic 1989-03
Dead Letter Office Comic 1989-04
The Many Deaths of the Batman Pt.1 Comic 1989-05
The Many Deaths of the Batman, Part Two: How Many Times Can a Batman Die? Comic 1989-06
The Many Deaths of the Batman, Part Three: The Last Death of the Batman Comic 1989-07
Year Three Part 1: Different Roads Comic 1989-08
Batman Year Three Part II: Changes Made Comic 1989-08
Batman Year Three Chapter III: Turnabout Comic 1989-09
Batman Year Three Part IV: Resolutions Comic 1989-09
A Lonely Place of Dying Part 1: Suspects Comic 1989-10
A Lonely Place of Dying Chapter Three: Parallel Lines! Comic 1989-11
A Lonely Place of Dying: Reborn Comic 1989-12
The Coming of Crimesmith Comic 1990-01
Crimesmith and Punishment Comic 1990-02
When the Earth Dies Chapter One: Red Square! Bloody Square! Comic 1990-03
When the Earth Dies Chapter Two: Underworlds Comic 1990-04
Earth Day! Demon Night! Comic 1990-05
The Penguin Affair Part 1: Pawns Comic 1990-06
The Penguin Affair Part 3: Winged Vengeance Comic 1990-06
Wildcard! Comic 1990-07
Judgements! Comic 1990-07
Dark Knight, Dark City Part 1 Comic 1990-08
Dark Knight, Dark City Part II Comic 1990-08
Dark Knight, Dark City Part III Comic 1990-09
Identity Crisis, Part One Comic 1990-10
Identity Crisis, Part Two: Without Fear of Consequence... Comic 1990-11
Master of Fear Comic 1990-12
Night Monsters Comic 1991-01
Saturday Night at the Movies Comic 1991-02
Sisters in Arms, Part 1: It's a Man's World Comic 1991-03
Sisters in Arms, Part 2: Ladies' Night Comic 1991-04
Spirit of the Beast, Part 1: To Live and Die in California Comic 1991-05
Spirit of the Beast, Part 2: Ghost Comic 1991-06
Spirit of the Beast, Part 3: Sacrifice Comic 1991-07
Debut Comic 1991-07
No More Heroes Comic 1991-08
Shadow Box: Part One Comic 1991-08
Shadow Box; Part Two Comic 1991-09
Shadow Box: Part Three Comic 1991-09
War of the Gods - Part 15: Of Gods And Men Comic 1991-10
Requiem for a Killer Comic 1991-11
The Idiot Root, Part One: The Queen of Hearts Comic 1991-12
Into the Idiot Zone Comic 1992-01
The Destroyer Part One: A Tale of Two Cities Comic 1992-02
The Return of Scarface, Part One: Mustache Pete is Dead! Comic 1992-03
The Return of Scarface Part Three: The Gig Heat Comic 1992-04
A Gotham Tale, Part One: Gargoyles Comic 1992-05
A Gotham Tale, Part Two: Venging Spirits Comic 1992-05
Pagan Comic 1992-06
To the Father I Never Knew... Comic 1992-06
Messenger of Zeus Comic 1992-07
Vengeance of the Harpy Comic 1992-07
Crash & Burn: A Love Story Comic 1992-08
Warpaint Comic 1992-09
Faces of Death Comic 1992-10
Heavy Metalhead Comic 1992-11
Box of Blood Comic 1992-12
Costumes Comic 1993-01
Killer's Bane Comic 1993-02
Who Riddled The Riddler? Comic 1993-03
The Freedom of Madness Comic 1993-04
Crossed Eyes and Dotty Teas Comic 1993-05
Red Slash Comic 1993-05
Night Terrors Comic 1993-06
Strange Deadfellows Comic 1993-06
Die Laughing Comic 1993-07
The Broken Bat Comic 1993-07
Knights in Darkness Comic 1993-08
The Venom Connection Comic 1993-09
Dark Angel Comic 1993-10
Code Name: Mekros Comic 1993-11
Phoenix in Chaos Comic 1993-12
Night Becomes Woman Comic 1994-01
Dark Dance Comic 1994-02
Blood Kin Comic 1994-03
Malevolent Maniaxe Comic 1994-04
Ballistic Comic 1994-05
Mortal Remains Comic 1994-06
Spirit of the Bat Comic 1994-07
KnightsEnd Part 7: Return of the Bat Comic 1994-08
The Night Before Zero Comic 1994-09
Prodigal Part 1: Robin and Batman Comic 1994-11
Prodigal 5: Double Deuce Comic 1994-12
Prodigal 9: One Night in the War Zone Comic 1995-01
Troika 1: Dark Rider, Cold Warrior Comic 1995-02
Sleeper, Part 1: Nightmares Comic 1995-03
Sleeper, Part Two: Darkness in the Dream Chamber Comic 1995-04
Black Mask: The Spidered Face Comic 1995-05
Black Spider: Web of Scars Comic 1995-06
Fades to Black Comic 1995-07
Killer Croc: Fast Train to the Wet Dark Comic 1995-08
Swamp Things Comic 1995-09
Scarecrow, Part 1: Dark Wings Fly Away in Fear Comic 1995-10
Scarecrow, Part 2: Haunted Houses of the Head Comic 1995-11
Frozen Assets Comic 1995-12
Constant Whitewater Comic 1996-01
Two-Face, Part 1:The Face Schism Comic 1996-02
Two-Face, Part 2: The Schismed Face Comic 1996-03
Contagion, Part 6: Tears of Blood Comic 1996-04
The Deadman Connection, Part 1: Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon Comic 1996-05
The Deadman Connection part 2 Comic 1996-06
The Deadman Connection part 3 Comic 1996-07
Twelve steps to the heart of hell Comic 1996-08
A Wound on the Heart of Heaven Comic 1996-09
The Ogre and the Ape Comic 1996-10
Darkest Night of the Man-Bat, Part 1: Predation Comic 1996-11
Darkest Night of the Man-Bat, Part 2: Pursuit Comic 1996-12
Darkest Night of the Man-Bat, Part 3: Predemption Comic 1997-01
Boneyard Blues Comic 1997-02
The Spectre of Vengeance, Part 1: Gotham Welcome Comic 1997-03
The Spectre of Vengeance, Part 2: Mask of Guilt Comic 1997-04
Faceless, Part 1: Murdicide Comic 1997-05
Faceless, Part 2: Postmarked Murder Comic 1997-06
Major Arcana, Part 1: Jokin' with Mister D Comic 1997-07
Major Arcana, Part 2: Night of the Dying Jokers Comic 1997-08
Major Arcana, Part 3: Hell to Pay Comic 1997-09
Dark Genesis Comic 1997-10
The Penguin Returns, Part One: Burning Faces Comic 1997-11
The Penguin Returns, Part Two - The Egyptian Falcon Comic 1997-12
Chasing Clay Comic 1998-01
Suit of Evil Souls Comic 1998-02
The Greatest Evil Comic 1998-03
Lifelines - Cataclysm, Part 3 Comic 1998-04
Master of Destruction- Cataclysm, Part 12 Comic 1998-05
Trapped Like Rats Comic 1998-06
Help, Trapped, Money, Rescue, Ruins Comic 1998-07
Ballistic's Evidence Comic 1998-08
Dying City Comic 1998-09
Dead City Comic 1998-10
Mr. Wayne Goes to Washington, Part One: The Jackals Comic 1998-12
Mr. Wayne Goes To Washington, Part 2: The Witness Comic 1999-01
Mr. Wayne Goes to Washington: 3 The Devil His Due! Comic 1999-02
No Man's Land: No Law and a New Order, Part 3: Tactics Comic 1999-03
Fear of Faith, Part Three: Life in Hell Comic 1999-04
Mosaic: Part One Comic 1999-05
The Visitor Comic 1999-06
Mark of Cain Part 1 Comic 1999-07
No Man's Land: Fruit of the Earth, Part Two Comic 1999-08
I Cover the Waterfront Comic 1999-09
The Code, Part 1: Breakin' the Law Comic 1999-10
Goin' Downtown, Part 1: The Vault Comic 1999-11
Jurisprudence: Part 1 Comic 1999-12
Shellgame: Part 1 - Gambits Comic 2000-01
Endgame: Part 2 - ...Tender and Mild... Comic 2000-02
O'er The Land Of The Free Comic 2000-03
In The Dark Places Comic 2000-04
Mike And Allie Comic 2000-05
He Who Lurks Comic 2000-06
Orca: Part One - A Matter Of Principle Comic 2000-07
Orca: Part 2 - Going Under Comic 2000-08
Orca: Part 3 - Diver Down Comic 2000-09
Fearless: Part 1 Comic 2000-10
Fearless: Part 2 Comic 2000-11
The Dark Knight Project Comic 2000-12
Measure For Measure Comic 2001-01
Penguin Dreams Comic 2001-02
Officer Down: Part One - These Are Your Rights Comic 2001-03
Close Before Striking: Act 1 Comic 2001-04
Close Before Striking: Act 2 Comic 2001-05
Close Before Striking: Act 3 Comic 2001-06
Shot Through The Heart: Part 1 Comic 2001-07
Shot Through The Heart: Part 2 Comic 2001-08
Sanctuary: Part 1 Comic 2001-09
Sanctuary: Part 2 Comic 2001-10
Out Of Past Comic 2001-11
City On Fire Comic 2001-12
Crooked Miles Comic 2002-01
Santa Klaus is Coming to Town Comic 2002-02
From the Inside-Out Comic 2002-03
The Scene of the Crime Comic 2002-04
Turning the Town Red, Part 1 Comic 2002-05
Turning The Town Red, Part 2 Comic 2002-06
The Turning Point Comic 2002-07
Reasons Comic 2002-08
Courage Comic 2002-09
Death-Wish for Two Comic 2002-10
Death-Wish for Two Conclusion : Deadshot Shot Dead! Comic 2002-11
Hush Chapter One: The Ransom Comic 2002-12
Hush Chapter Two: The Friend Comic 2003-01
Hush Chapter Three: The Beast (In the Mouth of Madness!) Comic 2003-02
Hush Chapter Four: The City (Welcome to the Jungle!) Comic 2003-03
Hush Chapter Five: The Battle Comic 2003-04
Hush Chapter Six: The Opera Comic 2003-05
Hush Chapter Seven : The Joke Comic 2003-06
Hush Chapter Eight : The Dead Comic 2003-07
Hush Chapter Nine: The Assasins Comic 2003-08
Hush Chapter Ten : The Grave Comic 2003-09
Hush Chapter Eleven: The Game Comic 2003-10
Hush Chapter Twelve: The End Comic 2003-11
Broken City, Pt. 1 Comic 2003-12
Broken City, Pt. 2 Comic 2004-01
Broken City, Pt. 3 Comic 2004-02
Broken City, Pt. 4 Comic 2004-03
Broken City Pt.5 Comic 2004-04
Broken City, Pt. 6 Comic 2004-05
As the Crow Flies, Part One: Visions Comic 2004-06
As the Crow Flies Part Two: Partners in Crime Comic 2004-07
As the Crow Flies, Part Three: Scary Monsters Comic 2004-07
As the Crow Flies: Part Four, Shotgun Comic 2004-08
As the Crow Flies Part Five: Home Invasion Comic 2004-09
Last Stand at Alamo High Comic 2004-10
Orpheus in the Underworld Comic 2004-11
War Games, Act 3, Part 8: No Going Back Comic 2004-12
War Games, Epilogue: Decompression Comic 2005-01
Under the Hood, Part 1: New Business Comic 2005-02
Under the Hood, Part 2: First Strike Comic 2005-03
Under the Hood, Part 3: Overnight Deliveries Comic 2005-04
Under the Hood, Part 4: Bidding War Comic 2005-05
Family Reunion, Part 1: The Word on the Street Comic 2005-06
Family Reunion, Part 2: While the Cat's Away Comic 2005-07
Family Reunion, Conclusion: Face To Face Comic 2005-08
Breaking the Skin : Into the Jaws of Killer Croc! Comic 2005-09
War Crimes, Part 2 of 4: Minor Discrepancies Comic 2005-10
War Crimes, Part 4 of 4: Judgement at Gotham Comic 2005-10
Show Me Yesterday, For I Can't Find Today : A Robins Tale Comic 2005-11
Franchise, Part 1 of 2: Supply Side Economics : Bombastic Battle! Comic 2005-12
Franchise, Part 2 of 2: The Away Team Comic 2006-01
All They Do Is Watch Us Kill, Part 1of 3 Comic 2006-02
All They Do Is Watch Us Kill, Part 2 of 3 Comic 2006-03
All They Do Is Watch Us Kill, Part 3 of 3: It Only Hurts When I Laugh Comic 2006-04
Face the Face: Part 2 Comic 2006-05
Face the Face, Part 4 of 8 (Face the Face) Comic 2006-06
Face the Face, Part 6 of 8 (Face the Face) Comic 2006-07
Face the Face: Conclusion Comic 2006-08
Batman & Son Part 1: Building a Better Batmobile Comic 2006-09
Batman & Son, Part 2: Man-Bats of London Comic 2006-10
Batman & Son, Part 3: Wonderboys Comic 2006-11
Batman & Son, Part 4: Absent Fathers Comic 2006-12
Grotesk Part 1 Comic 2007-01
Grotesk, Part 2 Comic 2007-02
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Now We Are Dead! Comic 2007-08-22
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A Prelude to the Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul: Lazarus Rising Comic 2007-10-31
The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul, Part 4: He Who Is Master Comic 2007-11-29
Space Medicine Comic 2007-12-28
Joe Chill in HELL Comic 2008-01-30
Batman Dies at Dawn Comic 2008-02-27
The Fiend With Nine Eyes Comic 2008-04-23
Batman R.I.P.: Midnight in the House of Hurt Comic 2008-05-14
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Batman R.I.P.: Zur En Arrh Comic 2008-07-02
Batman R.I.P.: Miracle on Crime Alley Comic 2008-08-13
Batman R.I.P.: The Thin White Duke Of Death Comic 2008-10-01
Batman R.I.P.: The Conclusion - Hearts in Darkness Comic 2008-11-26
The Butler Did It Comic 2008-12-04
What the Butler Saw Comic 2009-02
Batman: Last Rites, Last Days of Gotham Part 2 of 2 Comic 2009-01-02
Catspaw Comic 2009-01-28
Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?, Part 1 Comic 2009-02-11
A Battle Within (Battle For The Cowl Epilogue) Comic 2009-06-10
Long Shadows, Part One: Old Sins Cast Long Shadows Comic 2009-07-08
Long Shadows, Part Two: New Day, New Knight Comic 2009-08-12
Long Shadows, Part Three: Tripwires Comic 2009-09-02
Long Shadows, Conclusion: Two Knights. Two Faces. Comic 2009-10-14
Life After Death, Part 1: The Awakening Comic 2009-10-28
Life After Death, Part 2: Charades Comic 2009-11-11
Life After Death, Part 3: Fractured Pieces Comic 2009-12-16
Life After Death, Part 4: Smoke And Mirrors Comic 2010-01-13
Life After Death, Part 5: Mind Games Comic 2010-02-17
Life After Death, Part 6: Liberator Comic 2010-03-17
Riddle Me This, Part 1: Black Magic Tricks Comic 2010-04-14
Riddle Me This, Part 2: A Means To An End Comic 2010-05-12
Time and the Batman Comic 2010-06-09
R.I.P. The Missing Chapter, Part 1: The Hole In Things Comic 2010-07-14
R.I.P. The Missing Chapter, Part 2: Batman's Last Case Comic 2010-08-25
The Great Escape Comic 2010-09-09
Eye of the Beholder, Part One: Hear No Evil Comic 2010-11-17
Eye of The Beholder, Part Two: See No Evil Comic 2010-12-15
Eye of the Beholder, Part Three: Speak No Evil Comic 2011-01-19
Eye of the Beholder, Conclusion: The Evil Within Comic 2011-02-16
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Pieces, Part Two: The Long Way Back Comic 2011-06-15
Pieces, Part Three: Gilded Lily Comic 2011-07-20
In Storybook Endings Comic 2011-08-17
Peril Within The Prison Planet Comic 1998-11