Parent series DC comics


Title Type Date Platform Names Characters
Superman #1 Comic 1939-05-18
Superman #2 Comic 1939-08-22
Superman #3 Comic 1939-11-15
Superman #4 Comic 1940-03
Superman #5 Comic 1940-06
Superman #6 Comic 1940-09
Superman #7 Comic 1940-11
Superman #8 Comic 1941-01
Superman #9 Comic 1941-04
Superman #10 Comic 1941-06
Superman #11 Comic 1941-08
Superman #12 Comic 1941-10
Superman #13 Comic 1941-12
Superman #14 Comic 1942-02
Superman #15 Comic 1942-04
Superman #16 Comic 1942-06
Superman #17 Comic 1942-08
The Conquest of a City Comic 1942-10
Superman's Secret Revealed; Destroyers from the Depths; Lair of the Leopard; Not in the Cards Comic 1942-11-04
Case of the Funny Paper Crimes Comic 1942-12
Superman #21 Comic 1942-12-30
Meet the Squiffles Comic 1943-03-03
Superman #23 Comic 1943-08
Superman #24 Comic 1943-10
Your Friend, Superman Comic 1943-12
Radio Berlin Comic 1944-02
Superman #27 Comic 1944-04
Superman #28 Comic 1944-06
You're My Supermen! Comic 1944-08
Superman Alias Superman Comic 1944-10
Superman #31 Comic 1944-12
It Tickles! Comic 1945-02
Superman #33 Comic 1945-04
The American Red Cross Needs Your Support! Give Generously! Comic 1945-06
Superman #35 Comic 1945-08
Superman #36 Comic 1945-10
Pranks for Profit Comic 1945-12
Battle of the Atoms Comic 1946-02
And Now the Adventures of Superman! Comic 1946-04
The Mxyztplk-Susie Alliance Comic 1946-06
Superman #41 Comic 1946-08
The Man Who Wouldn't Quit Comic 1946-10
Superman #43 Comic 1946-12
Playthings of Peril Comic 1947-02
Superman #45 Comic 1947-04
Superman #46 Comic 1947-06
The Toyman's Castle Comic 1947-08
Superman #48 Comic 1947-10
Toyman And the Gadgets of Greed Comic 1947-12
The Task that Stumped Superman Comic 1948-02
Mr. Mxyztplk Seeks a Wife Comic 1948-04
Preview of Plunder Comic 1948-06
The Origin of Superman Comic 1948-08
The Wrecker Comic 1948-10
Too Many Heroes! Comic 1948-12
Smarty Pants Comic 1949-02
Every Man a Superman ; The Menace of the Machine Men ; The Son of Superman Comic 1949-04
Introducing Tiny Trix The Little Big Shot of the Underworld Comic 1949-06
Superman #59 Comic 1949-08
The Two Identities of Superman Comic 1949-10
Does Superman Prefer Lois Lane as a Blonde, Brunette or Red-Head? Comic 1949-12
Black Magic on Mars Comic 1950-02
Miss Metropolis of 1950 Comic 1950-04
Professor Lois Lane Comic 1950-06
The 3 Supermen from Krypton Comic 1950-08
The 3 Supermen from Krypton Comic 1950-08
The Babe of Steel Comic 1950-10
Perry Como, I Love You Comic 1950-12
The Six Elements of Crime Comic 1951-02
The Prankster's Apprentice Comic 1951-04
Lois Lane Meets Annie Oakley Comic 1951-06
Clark Kent's Super-Masquerade Comic 1951-08
The Flight of the Failures Comic 1951-10
Hank Garvin, Man of Steel Comic 1951-12
The Lost Secrets of Krypton Comic 1952-02
The Man Who Stole Memories Comic 1952-04
The Mightiest Team on Earth! Comic 1952-06
The Man Who Went to Krypton Comic 1952-08
The Beast from Krypton Comic 1952-10
Citadel of Doom Comic 1952-12
Lois Lane, WAC! Comic 1953-01
Superman #83 Comic 1953-01
Superman's Big Brother Comic 1953-02
The Superwoman from Space Comic 1953-04
Lois Lane, Policewoman! Comic 1953-09
The Weakling who became a Superman Comic 1953-12
The Dragon From King Arthur's Court Comic 1954-01
The Thing from 40,000 A.D.! Comic 1954-02
The Terrible Trio Comic 1954-03
One Hour To Doom! Comic 1954-05
Superman #90 Comic 1954-06
Superman #91 Comic 1954-06
Superman's Last Hour Comic 1954-09
The Man Superman Feared Comic 1954-11
Superman #94 Comic 1955-01
The Practical Joker Comic 1955-02
Mr Mxyzplk, Mayor of Metropolis Comic 1955-03
The Amazing Mr. Memory Comic 1955-05
The Amazing Superman Newsreel Comic 1955-06
The Incredible Feats of Lois Lane Comic 1955-08
Superman #100 Comic 1955-09
Superman #101 Comic 1955-11
Midget Menace From Outer Space Comic 1956-01
The Man Who Could Read Superman's Mind Comic 1956-02
The Super-Family From Outer Space Comic 1956-03
Superman, Slave Comic 1956-05
The Super-Outlaw of Metropolis! Comic 1956-07
Rip Van Superman Comic 1956-08
The Girl Cops of Metropolis Comic 1956-09
The Super-Puppet with X-Ray Eyes Comic 1956-11
The Defeat of Superman! Comic 1957-01
Superman #111 Comic 1957-02
The Three Men of Steel Comic 1957-03
The Superman of the Present and the Superman of the Past Comic 1957-05
Superman's Billion-Dollar Debt! Comic 1957-07
The Three Subsitute Supermen! Comic 1957-08
The Mechanized Superman! Comic 1957-09
Superman #117 Comic 1957-11
The Death of Superman! Comic 1958-01
The Second Superman Comic 1958-02
The Day Superman Married! Comic 1958-03
The Bride of Futureman! Comic 1958-05
The Super Sergeant Comic 1958-07
The Girl of Steel Comic 1958-08
The Black Knight's Super-Sword Comic 1958-09
Superman's New Power Comic 1958-11
Superman's Lost Identity Comic 1959-01
Titano the Super-Ape! Comic 1959-02
Superman Duels the Futuremen Comic 1959-04
The Ghost Of Lois Lane, Clark Kent Fireman Of Steel! & The Girl in Superman's Past! Comic 1959-05
The Town That Hated Superman! Comic 1959-07
Superman's Future Wife! Comic 1959-08
Superman #132 Comic 1959-10
The Super-Luck Of Badge 77; How Perry White Hired Clark Kent!; Superman Joins the Army! Comic 1959-11
The Super-Outlaw from Krypton! Comic 1960-01
The Trio of Steel! Comic 1960-02
The Man Who Married Lois Lane! Comic 1960-04
The Two Faces of Superman! Comic 1960-05
Titano, The Super-Ape! Comic 1960-07
The New Life of Super-Merman! Comic 1960-08
The Son of Bizarro! Comic 1960-10
Superman's Return to Krypton! Comic 1960-11
The Flame Dragon from Krypton! Comic 1961-01
Bizarro Meets Frankenstein! Comic 1961-02
The Orphans of Space! Comic 1961-04
The Interplanetary Circus! Comic 1961-05
The Complete Story of Superman's Life! Comic 1961-07
The Legion of Super-Villains! Comic 1961-08
The Super-Mischief of Mr. Mxyzptlk! Comic 1961-10
The Death of Superman! Comic 1961-11
When the World Forgot Superman! Comic 1962-01
The Super-Creature from Krypton! Comic 1962-02
The Robot Master! Comic 1962-04
The Super-Showdown! Comic 1962-05
The Undersea Pranks of Mr. Mxyzptlk! Comic 1962-07
Superman Under The Green Sun! Comic 1962-08
The Last Days of Superman! Comic 1962-10
The Super-Revenge of the Phantom Zone Prisoner! Comic 1962-11
The Invasion of the Super-People! Comic 1963-01
Lois Lane, the Supermaid from Earth! Comic 1963-02
When Superman Lost His Powers! Comic 1963-04
Superman Goes to War! Comic 1963-05
The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue! Comic 1963-07
The Hero Who Was Greater Than Superman! Comic 1963-08
The Showdown Between Luthor and Superman! Comic 1963-10
Beauty And The Super-Beast! & The Sweetheart Superman Forgot! Comic 1963-11
The Fantastic Story Of Superman's Sons! Comic 1964-01
Brainiac and Luthor Team Up to Destroy Superman! Comic 1964-02
Luthor - Super-Hero! Comic 1964-04
The Bizarro Invasion of Earth! Comic 1964-05
If Luthor Were Superman's Father! Comic 1964-07
The Nightmare Ordeal of Superman! Comic 1964-08
The Tyrant Superman! Comic 1964-10
The Triumph of Luthor and Brainiac! Comic 1964-11
Clark Kent's Incredible Delusion! Comic 1965-01
Clark Kent's Brother! Comic 1965-02
Superman's Day of Truth! Comic 1965-04
The Menace Called It Comic 1965-05
When Superman Lost His Memory! Comic 1965-07
The Outlaw Fort Knox Comic 1965-08
The Girl Who Was Mightier Than Superman! Comic 1965-10
The Superman of 2465! Comic 1965-11
The Terrible Toyman! Comic 1966-01
Prize Stories from the Superman Library! Comic 1966-01
The Demon Under the Red Sun! Comic 1966-02
Superman's Achilles Heel! Comic 1966-04
The Two Ghosts of Superman! Comic 1966-05
Superman's Inner Sanctum! Comic 1966-06
The School for Superman Assassins! Comic 1966-07
Krypton Lives Again ; The Mystery of Kryptons Second Doom Comic 1966-08
The Four Element Enemies! Comic 1966-10
The Prisoner of Demon! Comic 1966-11
Clark Kent's Super-Brat : Clark Kent's Super-Son Comic 1967-01
The Greatest Super-Stories Published During the Last 28 Years! Comic 1967-02
The Death of Lois Lane! Comic 1967-02
The Fury of the Kryptonian-Killer! Comic 1967-04
The Thing from 40,000 A.D.; The Star Of Steel! Comic 1967-05
An All Clark Kent Issue Featuring Superman's Alter-Ego Comic 1967-06
The Real Clark Kent!; The Fate of the Super-Super-Superman! Comic 1967-07
Superman's Race With the Flash! Comic 1967-08
Super-Brother Against Super-Brother! Comic 1967-10
Clark Kent Abandons Superman! Comic 1967-11
Tales of the Bizarro World! Comic 1967-12
Clark Kent's Biggest Day!; Superman's Black Magic! & When Superman Killed His Friends! Comic 1968-01
The Case Of The Lethal Letters!; The Duplicate Superman! & The Fortress Of Fear! Comic 1968-02
The Man Who Destroyed Krypton! Comic 1968-04
The Day Superman Became an Assassin! Comic 1968-05
30th Anniversary Issue : 1938-1968 : CLassic Tales Featuring Superman's Friends and Foes! Comic 1968-06
The Case of the Collared Crime-Fighter! ; The Town That Hated Superman! Comic 1968-07
The Clark Kent Monster! Comic 1968-08
Clark Kent's Last Rites Comic 1968-10
The Name of the Game is Superman! Comic 1968-11
Featuring Greatest Superbaby Stories Comic 1968-12
The Most Dangerous Door in the World! Comic 1969-01
The Ghosts that Haunted Superman! Comic 1969-02
Lois Lane... Dead... Yet Alive Comic 1969-04
The Soldier of Steel! Comic 1969-05
Featuring Famous First Golden Tales! Comic 1969-07
Superman's Secret Past! Comic 1969-07
Clark Kent, Hero...Superman, Public Enemy! & The Super Heat-Wave Of Metropolis! Comic 1969-08
Who Stole My Super-Powers? Comic 1969-10
The Two-Ton Superman! Comic 1969-11
Featuring Superman's Secret Family! Comic 1969-12
Half a Hero! Comic 1970-01
Beware The Super-Genius Baby! Comic 1970-02
The Secret of the Superman Impostor! Comic 1970-04
When Superman Became King Kong! Comic 1970-05
Special All-Kryptonite Issue! Comic 1970-07
Execution Planet! Comic 1970-07
The Ex-Superman! Comic 1970-08
Killer Kent versus Super Luthor Comic 1970-10
The Wheel Of Super-Fortune! Comic 1970-11
Krypton Lives Again! Comic 1970-12
Superman Breaks Loose Comic 1971-01
How To Tame A Wild Volcano! Comic 1971-02
Sinister Scream of the Devil's Harp! Comic 1971-03
Planet Of The Angels Comic 1971-04
The Enemy of Earth Comic 1971-05
Menace at 1000 Degrees! Comic 1971-06
Superman's Greatest Battles Comic 1971-07
To Save A Superman Comic 1971-07
The Shape of Fear! Comic 1971-08
The Ultimate Battle! Comic 1971-09
The Starry-Eyed Siren of Space! Comic 1971-10
The Electronic Ghost of Metropolis! Comic 1971-11
World's Greatest Super-Heroes Comic 1971-12
Danger-Monster at Work! Comic 1971-12
Must There Be A Superman? Comic 1972-01
The Man who Murdered the Earth! Comic 1972-02
The Challenge of Terra-Man! Comic 1972-03
Have Horse, will Fly! Comic 1972-04
The Island that invaded the Earth! Comic 1972-05
Superman with the World's Greatest Flying Heroes! Comic 1972-06
The Kid Who Saved Superman! Comic 1972-06
The Kid who stole Superman's Powers! Comic 1972-07
The Sun of Superman! Comic 1972-08
The Dagger that Ripped the Sky! Comic 1972-09
Superman battles the War-horn! Comic 1972-10
Fury of the Energy Eater! Comic 1972-11
The Kid Who Knocked Out Superman! Comic 1972-12
The Keeper of the Eternal Flame! Comic 1973-01
Slave of the Star Sapphire! Comic 1973-02
The Skyscraper that Screamed for Its Life! Comic 1973-03
Man of Molten Steel! Comic 1973-04
Secret of the Phantom Quarterback! Comic 1973-06
Attack by the Army of Tomorrow! Comic 1973-07
The Nightmare Maker! Comic 1973-08
The World Beneath the North Pole! Comic 1973-09
Wild Week-End in Washington! Comic 1973-10
The Secret of the Eighth Superman! Comic 1973-11
The Viking From Valhalla! - I Can't Go Home Again Comic 1973-12
The Man Who Murdered Metropolis! Comic 1974-01
Special All-Magic Issue! Comic 1974-02
The Wizard with the Golden Eye! Comic 1974-03
Protectors of Earth, Inc. Comic 1974-04
The Dragonfly invasion of Metropolis! Comic 1974-05
Make Way For Captain Thunder! Comic 1974-06
The Biggest Game in Town! Comic 1974-07
Super-Showdown at Buzzard Gulch! Comic 1974-08
Menace of the Energy-Blackmailers! Comic 1974-09
Duel of the Diamond Demons! Comic 1974-10
Mystery Mission to Metropolis! Comic 1974-11
Lex Luthor-- Super Scalp-Hunter! Comic 1974-12
Superman's Mystery Masquerade! ; One of Our Imps is Missing! Comic 1975-01
The Secret Guardian of Smallville! Comic 1975-02
Search for the Impossible Man! Comic 1975-03
The Parasite's Power Play! Comic 1975-04
Who Was That Dog I Saw You With Last Night? Comic 1975-05
The Computer with a Secret Identity! Comic 1975-06
The Phantom Horseman of Metropolis! Comic 1975-07
The Man Who Cried Super-Wolf! Comic 1975-08
The Time-Powered Peril! Comic 1975-09
The Luthor Nobody Knows! Comic 1975-10
The Miracle of Thirsty Thursday! Comic 1975-11
The Man Who Slept The World Away! Comic 1975-12
"Costume, Costume -- Who's Got the Costume?" Comic 1976-01
Who Took the Super Out of Superman? Comic 1976-02
Clark Kent Forever - - Superman Never! Comic 1976-03
Clark Kent, Get Out of My Life! Comic 1976-04
The Double-or-Nothing Life of Superman! Comic 1976-05
Superman 2001! Comic 1976-06
The Marshland Monster--Solomon Grundy! Comic 1976-07
Seven-Foot-Two ... and Still Growing! Comic 1976-08
When Lightning Strikes--Thunder Kills! Comic 1976-09
The parastie's prism of peril! Comic 1976-10
The Man Who Toyed with Death! Comic 1976-11
Backward battle for the Bizarro world Comic 1976-12
Krypton -- No more! Comic 1977-01
This planet is mine! Comic 1977-02
Blind hero's bluff! Comic 1977-03
The Killer with the Kryptonite Heart! Comic 1977-04
Plague of the antibiotic man! Comic 1977-05
Today the city... tomorrow the world Comic 1977-06
"The Only Way You'll Save The Earth... Is Over My Dead Body!" Comic 1977-07
Before This Night Is Over, Superman Will Kill! Comic 1977-08
Good evening Superman i'm Clark Kent and you're not! Comic 1977-09
The Heart Attack That Crippled Superman Comic 1977-10
The killer with the heart of steel Comic 1977-11
The wreck of the cosmic hound Comic 1977-12
How to make a marshland monster Comic 1978-01
The absolute power play of the Parasite! Comic 1978-02
Too strong to survive Comic 1978-03
Versus the Parasite in a Duel to the Death! The Weapon: Laser-Vision! Comic 1978-04
The Man with the Self-Destruct Mind! Comic 1978-05
Beware the Eyes That Paralyze! Comic 1978-06
The Super Sellout of Metropolis Comic 1978-07
Superman Reveals His Secret Identity! Comic 1978-08
The sandstorm that swallowed Metropolis Comic 1978-09
The Attack of the Kryptonoid! Comic 1978-10
I have met the enemy and it is me Comic 1978-11
The Master Mesmerizer of Metropolis! : Exclusive! Superman's Secret Revealed! Comic 1978-12
Lockup at 20,000 feet Comic 1979-01
The Eternity cage Comic 1979-02
Bizarro, the Monster of Steel! Is He Hero or Villain? Comic 1979-03
The man who stole Superman's eyes Comic 1979-04
Mxyzptlk spelled backwards is T-R-O-U-B-L-E Comic 1979-05
A Rose by Any Other Name Comic 1979-06
Too many crooks! Comic 1979-07
Let my people grow Comic 1979-08
Nuclear nightmare! Comic 1979-09
The Night of the Walking Bomb! Comic 1979-10
The Man Who Could Cause Catastrophe! Comic 1979-11
Superman #342 Comic 1979-12
Superman #343 Comic 1980-01
Superman #344 Comic 1980-02
Superman #345 Comic 1980-03
Superman #346 Comic 1980-04
The sleeper out of time Comic 1980-05
Superman #348 Comic 1980-06
Superman #349 Comic 1980-07
Superman #350 Comic 1980-08
Superman #351 Comic 1980-09
Day of Destiny!; The Mark of A Citizen! Comic 1980-10
The Fantastic Foe Superman Could Never Meet! Comic 1980-11
Superman #354 Comic 1980-12
Momentus master of the Moon! Comic 1981-01
Battle of the super-hyper powers Comic 1981-02
Food for a God Comic 1981-03
Father Nature's Folly Comic 1981-04
Today Superman... Tomorrow The World Comic 1981-05
Superman #360 Comic 1981-06
Superman #361 Comic 1981-07
Superman #362 Comic 1981-08
The dying day of Lois and Lana Comic 1981-09
Superman #364 Comic 1981-10
Superman #365 Comic 1981-11
Superman #366 Comic 1981-12
Superman #367 Comic 1982-01
The Revenger of Steel Comic 1982-02
Superman's Last Christmas! Comic 1982-03
Chemo Is Back. Deadlier Than Ever! Comic 1982-04
Kandar Lives Again! ...If You Can Call This Living! Comic 1982-05
Superman's History-Changing Mission! Comic 1982-06
Superman #373 Comic 1982-07
Superman #374 Comic 1982-08
Superman #375 Comic 1982-09
"The O-Zone Master Comes Calling!" Comic 1982-10
Terra Times Two! ; Fate Is the Killer! Comic 1982-11
Superman #378 Comic 1982-12
Superman #379 Comic 1983-01
Superman #380 Comic 1983-02
Superman #381 Comic 1983-03
Caught in the Act! Comic 1983-05
Steve Lombard--Down, Out, and Dead? Comic 1983-06
"LUTHOR RISES AGAIN" Comic 1983-07
Luthor Lashes Back! Comic 1983-08
Superman #387 Comic 1983-09
The Kid Who Played Superman Comic 1983-10
Superman #389 Comic 1983-11
Superman #390 Comic 1983-12
Superman #391 Comic 1984-01
Superman #392 Comic 1984-02
The Day They Nuked Superman Comic 1984-03
The Man Who Would Be President Comic 1984-04
The Power And The People Comic 1984-05
The Battle For Superman's Brain Comic 1984-06
The Born-Again Kryptonite Man Comic 1984-07
The Kid Who Master-minded Superman Comic 1984-08
The Man Who Saw Superman Die Comic 1984-09
The Living Legends Of Superman Comic 1984-10
Operation: False Front Comic 1984-11
How Do You Hide A Superman? Comic 1984-12
The Greatest Thief in the Universe! Comic 1985-01
Born To Be Superman Comic 1985-02
The Mystery of the Super-Batman! ; Yes, Lowell, There Is a Superman Comic 1985-03
The Fight for the Right to Be Superman! Comic 1985-04
Peril Of The Pass-along Powers Comic 1985-05
The Day The Earth Died Comic 1985-06
The Stepwalker From Krypton Comic 1985-07
Clark Kent - Fired! Comic 1985-08
The Last Earth-Prime Story Comic 1985-09
Luthor - Today You Die! Comic 1985-10
Superman- -Your World is Mine! Comic 1985-11
Revenge Is Life - Death To Superman Comic 1985-12
Supergirl: Bride Of - X? Comic 1986-01
Warrior of Mars! Comic 1986-03
The Replacement Comic 1986-04
The Man Who Murdered Evil! Comic 1986-05
And We Are The Dreamers Of The Dreamers Comic 1986-06
Superman Is Trapped In ImpTV Comic 1986-07
Dark Moon Rising! Comic 1986-08
Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Comic 1986-09
Up, Up, and Away! Part 1 : Mortal Men Comic 2006-05
Up, up, and Away Part 3: Bare Hands Comic 2006-06
Up, Up, and Away! Part 5: Speeding Bullet Comic 2006-07
Up, Up, and Away! Part 7: Up in the Sky Comic 2006-08
On Our Special Day Comic 2006-09
Cold Comfort Comic 2006-10
Men & Monsters : Super? Hah! Not Any More! Comic 2006-11
Camelot Falls Comic 2006-12
The Last Tomorrow Comic 2007-01
Angel Comic 2007-02-21
The Art of the Prank Comic 2007-03-14
Dangerous Lady Comic 2007-04-04
The Weight of the World Comic 2007-05-02
The Big Picture Comic 2007-06-06
Countermeasures Comic 2007-07-11
The Beast From Krypton Comic 2007-08-22
Jimmy Comic 2007-09
Tide And Torrent Comic 2007-09-12
The Third Kryptonian, Part One: The Hunt Comic 2007-10-10
The Third Kryptonian, Part Two: The Escape Comic 2007-10-24
The Third Kryptonian Finale: The Stand Comic 2007-11-07
Insect Queen, Part 1 - A Fall Of Moondust Comic 2007-12-19
Insect Queen, Part 2 - Gossamer Wings Comic 2008-01-09
Insect Queen, Part 3 - Moonlight & Victory Comic 2008-02-13
Shadows Linger, Part One: Bright Tomorrows Comic 2008-03-12
Shadows Linger, Part Two: The Long Road Comic 2008-04-16
Memorial Day Comic 2008-05-14
The Coming of Atlas, Part 1: The World on His Shoulders Comic 2008-06-25
The Coming of Atlas, Part 2: Time Lost Comic 2008-07-23
The Coming of Atlas, Part 3: All That's Red and Blue Falls Down Comic 2008-08-27
The Coming of Atlas, Part 4: Man of Yore, Dog of Tomorrow Comic 2008-09-24
New Krypton, Part Two: Strange Meetings And Chance Encounters Comic 2008-10-29
New Krypton, Part Six: Invasive Surgery Comic 2008-11-26
New Krypton, Part Nine: Hard Times Comic 2009-01-02
The Mind of Rudy Jones Comic 2009-01-28
The Long Goodbye Comic 2009-02-25
Yesterday and Tomorrow Comic 2009-03-25
Power and Weakness Comic 2009-04-29
The Fall and Rise of Jonathan Kent Comic 2009-05-28
The Tourist Comic 2009-06-24
The Setup Comic 2009-07-29
Codename: Patriot, Part 4 Comic 2009-08-26
Down Time Comic 2009-09-30
7734 Comic 2009-10-28
Man of Valor Comic 2009-11-25
Man of Valor, Part 2 Comic 2009-12-23
Man of Valor, Part 3 Comic 2010-01-27
Man of Valor: The Espionage Squad Comic 2010-02-24
Last Stand of New Krypton, Part 3: Destiny Comic 2010-03-24
Irony in Ire Comic 2010-04-28
The Comeback; Geometry; Grounded, Prologue: The Slap Heard 'Round The World Comic 2010-06-23
Grounded, Part One Comic 2010-07-14
Grounded, Part Two Comic 2010-08-11
Grounded, Part Three Comic 2010-10-13
The Road Least Travelled, A Grounded Interlude Comic 2010-10-27
Grounded, Part Four: Visitation Rights Comic 2010-11-17
Breaking News, A Grounded Interlude Comic 2010-12-15
Grounded, Part Five Comic 2011-01-12
Grounded, Part Six Comic 2011-02-09
Grounded, Part Seven Comic 2011-03-16
Grounded, Part Eight Comic 2011-04-13
Grounded, Part Nine Comic 2011-05-11
Lost Boy, A Tale of Krypto the Superdog Comic 2011-06-22
Grounded, Part Eleven Comic 2011-07-13
Grounded, Finale Comic 2011-08-03