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Journal: 2003-11-27 10:33:00
Wikipedia, libraries, and school
The Lathe of Heaven
Shame as a motivator
Between Silk and Cyanide
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat mathematics
The Man Who Mistook etc.
Between Silk and Cyanide Redux
Vows and Honor
IceBreaker's not JezzBall
My Library
Spider Webs in Space
Google celebrates Banned Books Week
Student sues college over grade curve
Pathetic Innumeracy
The sun drowned himself last night
The problem of Facebook
Open Yale Courses online classes
Pride and Prejudice, the miniseries
Images of Muhammad in Wikipedia
We're in more trouble than I thought
The end of print
On the lifetime of a book
LETTER, a simple guessing game
IFComp 2010: Under, In Erebus interactive fiction
IFComp 2010: East Grove Hills interactive fiction
IFComp 2010: The Chronicler interactive fiction
Journal: 2011-07-18 00:00:00
Finishing Games
IFComp 2012: Escape From Summerland interactive fiction
IFComp 2012: Kicker interactive fiction
IFComp 2012: The Test is Now READY interactive fiction
IFComp 2012: Body Bargain interactive fiction
IFComp 2012: Murphy's Law interactive fiction
IFComp 2012: Signos interactive fiction
IFComp 2012: J'dal interactive fiction
Action Comics 1938 (issues #1-7)
Let's hacking! Saves 0001 and 0002. Project: Dot hacking, reverse engineering
Saves 0003-0010: Before the Beginning Project: Dot hacking, reverse engineering
Saves 0011-0024: Almost There Project: Dot hacking, reverse engineering
Interlude: Memory Map Project: Dot hacking, reverse engineering
Saves 0025-0030: Welcome to The World Project: Dot hacking, reverse engineering
Saves 0031-0032: Taking Inventory, part 1 Project: Dot hacking, reverse engineering
Interlude: Modifying Saves Project: Dot hacking, reverse engineering
Toshiba T-3100 hardware
Journey to the Center of the Earth Adventure interactive fiction
Spring Thing 2014: The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost interactive fiction
Spring Thing 2014: The Adventures of a Hexagon interactive fiction
Shufflecomp: Nova Heart: Don’t Be Standing Around While the Earth Dies Screaming, or: Who Is To Blame When the Owls Leave Candy Jail? interactive fiction
Shufflecomp: Sparkle interactive fiction
OS/2 parlour games by Peter Wansch parlour games
WordPerfect 5.1 word processor
Microsoft Word 5.0 (DOS) & Microsoft Word 1.1 (Windows) word processor
EW word processor
Nihongo Word Processor v1.10 word processor
Software in the Age of Sneakernet: A Pictorial
IFComp 2014: Hill 160 interactive fiction
IFComp 2014: Raik interactive fiction
IFComp 2014: One Night Stand interactive fiction
Thoughts on Ferguson's Media Violence Paper academic article, violence
Assembly games, assembly
Word of the Day: beldame word of the day
Word of the Day: shallop word of the day
Word of the Day: sinecure word of the day
Building a Better Mousetrap
Super Scribblenauts Invisiclues
IFComp 2016: Ventilator interactive fiction
Undo interactive fiction
Journal: 2017-01-10 13:32:02 performativity, games, religion
Journal: 2019-01-20 23:44:59 Project: Learn Japanese
Journal: 2019-06-27 11:38:32
Progress on Mt. Tsundoku reading
SF, new and old reading
Reading roundup reading
In which several books are finished reading
IFComp 1995: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Presents "Detective" interactive fiction
IFComp 1995: Toonesia interactive fiction
IFComp 1995: Uncle Zebulon's Will interactive fiction
Fiction catalogued Project: Library Organization
Reasons and Persons, post 1 (sections 1--6) philosophy, reading
Reasons and Persons, post 2 (sections 7--9) philosophy, reading
IFComp 2020: Quintessence interactive fiction
IFComp 2020: Last House on the Block interactive fiction
IFComp 2020: Stand Up / Stay Silent interactive fiction
Raising Windows in GNOME 3 Linux, GNOME