2011-06-12 04:42:00

Beat Hazard got an update in preparation for the upcoming DLC. I'm not entirely sure I like it better this way, but the DLC looks like it might be interesting. I'm not so interested in the multiplayer aspect, but the boss rush, new enemies, and new perks look fun. So, anyway, I've been playing a bit of that.

Played some more Audiosurf, too. Still a great game.

Beat every level of Super Mario Bros. and played a little of the second quest. It's a pretty good game, but it's really overshadowed by Super Mario Bros. 3.

I've played a bit of hardcore Diablo II in the last few months.

Played some more Super Meat Boy. Just a few levels left in the light world, and then I'll play through the dark world.

Played Torchlight a bit. I'm wondering whether Torchlight II will be worth it–if it'll be different enough to warrant purchase. I guess time will tell.

I learned that I've been played Palamedes either very wrong or very right, depending on how you look at it. Discovered that by collecting the right blocks and pressing down, you can remove several lines at once. By removing every block manually, as I had been doing, you get a 50,000 point bonus at the end of the level, though. I got up to stage nine, I think, that way. I haven't yet tried playing by getting rid of lines, but I imagine I'll get much further and have a much lower score.

Played a demo of Vertex Dispenser. It isn't too bad, but I didn't really like it that much. Certainly not well enough to buy it.