Super Scribblenauts Beaten

2011-04-17 01:54:00

Yesterday, I beat Super Scribblenauts. I've not yet beaten the two special constellations, nor have I completed the advanced mode for every level, and I think there is one level I didn't beat at all, yet. I figure I'll complete the game in time. I have revised my opinion of the game a little. I still think it is fun, and there are some levels that are really excellent, but my assumption that the cool levels would increase in frequency as the game continued wasn't borne out–the last constellations had at least as many dull levels as the first.

The game has a few fault, limitations, and other oddities, too. For example, being invisible doesn't seem to do much. It works as well as a disguise in some situations, but people certainly seem to be able to see you still. A venomous sword will poison the person wielding it. A unicorn appears not to be considered an animal. Some levels appear to have been designed with a very limited set of solutions in mind, which makes them way less interesting than the more open-ended levels. And one level can be solved on advanced mode without making any objects at all.