2010-06-29 21:42:00

Played a demo of Flotilla. Not impressed.

Played a demo of Osmos. Seems amusing, but I'm not sure it's worth paying for.

Played Sonic Adventure DX on the gamecube. I really suck at controlling 3D games, and this one isn't impressing me so far. I'll give it a little more time, though, before I dismiss it.

Played Sonic Heroes, also on the gamecube. Not perfect, but it seems kind of fun. The switching characters thing seems like an interesting mechanic. It does seem to switch on its own sometimes, though, and I don't know why. Also, I still suck at controlling 3D games. Nice graphics, though.

Played Audiosurf. Great game.

Restarted Trilby: The Art of Theft. That's one cool game. I've only done the first level so far, this time through, but it's still great. I'll have to beat this one some time.

Played a little Super Mario Galaxy 2. Got another star or three and a comet coin. I need to spend a little more time on this one.

Played some Jumper!. Got a couple of screens further along. This game is hard and sometimes frustrating. I did discover what was causing me so much trouble on the stage I was on (3-2, I think): if you land on a block that can fall and don't jump right away, your jump will actually be your double-jump, even though you seem to be standing on the block. This got me killed loads of times. Finally figured it out. I had thought that I was just stupidly failing to hit jump in time or something.

Also recently played (about two minutes of) Dragon Quest on the NES, in order to see how my Japanese skills are progressing. The answer: slowly. Oh well.

Played some Alien Hominid on the gamecube. That game is really hard. Or else I just suck. Either way, I don't do so well. It is a really cool game, though.

Played an hour or so of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. Not impressed. The boss battles take forever, and the minor battles aren't really interesting. Since the magic things disappear when you leave the level, there's no building up on those over time, and it seems to me like the physical attack is pretty useless. Well, I'll probably play it a little more before I give up on it. Maybe the story will turn out to be interesting (though, also not high hopes of that happening).

Played some Diablo II recently. Got an item or two, though I don't recall what.