It is dangerous to be pregnant

Women of color are more likely to die in childbirth

We don't provide good medical care, especially for women of color (Yasmin, 2021, p. 73):

And as in the rest of the United States, black women in Texas are at highest risk of death. Except it’s much worse in Texas. About one in ten Texas babies is born to a black mother, but black women account for almost a third of all maternal deaths. The report by the Texas Task Force found huge racial disparities in maternal mortality. Hispanic women account for nearly half of all births in Texas and make up a third of maternal deaths. Hispanic women also have a lower rate of severe illness during pregnancy compared with black women.

Drug overdose is a major cause of maternal death

"Drug overdose was the second-leading cause of maternal death in Texas in 2011 and 2012" (Yasmin, 2021, p. 73).

Pregnancy information apps take advantage of people

Apps rarely provide reliable information, and are more focused on marketing to their users than improving outcomes (Jankowicz, 2022).

Over 50% of pregnant women use pregnancy apps, but Frid et al. (2021) found that of 29 evaluated pregnancy apps, 18 did not include information on all stages of pregnancy, or did not contain "all four desired components of pregnancy apps: health promotion/patient education, communication, health tracking, and notifications and reminders." Only 8 cited literature.

Women sometimes give birth while incarcerated

Medina (2023) describes a (non-unique) case in which a woman gave birth, alone, in a jail cell, because proper medical care was not provided. Additionally: "In 2021, Minnesota became the first state to end the practice of separating incarcerated mothers from their newborns."


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