Doctors dismiss women's symptoms


Seema Yasmin describes an acquaintance, Shalon Irving, who died after receiving inadequate healthcare:

A black woman with a PhD, two master’s degrees and a job as lieutenant commander in the US Public Health Service, Shalon died because doctors dismissed her symptoms. In the days after her baby, Soleil, was born, Shalon had a painful lump on her c-section scar, high blood pressure, and a swollen leg, symptoms that were dismissed by health care workers. Shalon’s research focused on disparities in health. Precisely the thing that killed her. (Yasmin2021, 67)

The NYT relates another case:

In early December, a Black doctor, Dr. Susan Moore — then hospitalized with Covid-19 — posted a video online complaining of inadequate care by her white doctor. After her video was shared widely, the problem was corrected, but just weeks later, Dr. Moore died of complications from the disease. (Email from The New York Times: In Her Words: ‘These things are not accidental’)