Stephen King

Begin Date 1947-09-21
Type Male
Source Date Type Role
The Shining 1980-05-23 Movie Author
The Gunslinger 1982-06-10 Book Author
Creepshow 1982-11-12 Movie Author
The Drawing of the Three 1987-05 Book Author
The Tommyknockers 1987-11-10 Book Author
Secret Window, Secret Garden 1990-09 Story Author
The Langoliers 1990-09 Story Author
The Library Policeman 1990-09 Story Author
The Sun Dog 1990-09 Story Author
Four Past Midnight 1990-09-02 Book Author
Gerald's Game 1992-05 Book Author
Desperation 1996-09-24 Book Author
Apt Pupil 1998-10-23 Movie Author