Fernando Pasarin

Source Date Type Role
Triumph of the Will 2011-09-21 Comic Penciller
Willful 2011-10-19 Comic Penciller
Prisoners of War 2011-12-21 Comic Illustrator
Enclosure 2013-06-12 Comic
A Day in a Life of Endless Velocity 2013-07-10 Comic
Batgirl: Wanted, Part One of Three: Manhunt 2013-08-14 Comic
Batgirl: Wanted, Part Two of Three: Dragnet 2013-10-09 Comic
Zero Year: Homestead 2013-11-13 Comic
Silver 2014-02-12 Comic
A Conspiracy of Bats 2014-03-12 Comic
Wrath of the Ragdoll 2014-05-14 Comic
Deadline, Part One: The Razors Under the Floorboards 2014-06-11 Comic
Enemies and Allies 2014-07-09 Comic
Crash and Burn 2014-08-13 Comic