David Gerrold

Begin Date 1944-01-24
Type Male
Source Date Type Role
I, Mudd 1967-11-03 Episode Screenwriter
The Trouble With Tribbles 1967-12-29 Episode Author
The Cloud Minders 1969-02-28 Episode Author
Letter from David Gerrold to Star Trek Fans 1973 Letter Author
The Trouble With Tribbles: The Birth, Sale and Final Production of One Episode 1973-04-12 Book Author
The World of Star Trek 1973-04-12 Book Author
More Tribbles, More Troubles 1973-10-06 Episode Author
Bem 1974-09-14 Episode Author
State of the Art 1977-03 Essay Author
State of the Art 1977-05 Source Author
State of the Art 1977-06 Source Author
State of the Art 1977-08 Source Author
State of the Art 1977-09 Source Author
Vulcan! 1978-09 Book Foreword
Trek to Madworld 1979-01 Book Foreword
The Galactic Whirlpool 1980-10 Book Author
Encounter at Farpoint 1987-10 Book Author
Trek Writer David Gerrold Looks Back 2011-01-24 WebPage Interviewee
William Shatner Presents: Chaos on the Bridge 2014-08-25 Movie Interviewee
Facebook post by David Gerrold, 2016-07-08 2016-07-08 WebPage Author