José Luis García-López

Source Date Type Role
Chase to the End of Time! 1978-08 Comic Cover Artist / Penciller
Race to the End of Time! 1978-10 Comic Cover Artist / Penciller
The Riddle of Little Earth Lost 1978-11 Comic Cover Artist / Inker / Penciller
Sun-Stroke! 1978-12 Comic Cover Artist / Inker / Penciller
DC Comics Presents #17 1980-01 Comic
DC Comics Presents #20 1980-04 Comic
The Man Who Was The World! 1980-08 Comic Illustrator
DC Comics Presents #31 1981-03 Comic
DC Comics Presents #41 1982-01 Comic
DC Comics Presents #67 1984-03 Comic
The War of Lords and Owls, Part One; Unholy Matrimony 2012-06-27 Comic Illustrator
Home Again; The Other Side, Part One 2014-04-23 Comic Illustrator
Bad Intensions; The Other Side, Part Two 2014-05-28 Comic Illustrator