Dave Polsky

Source Date Type Role
Feeling Pinkie Keen 2011-02-11 Episode
Over a Barrel 2011-03-25 Episode
Too Many Pinkie Pies 2012-11-17 Episode
Spike at Your Service 2012-12-29 Episode
Keep Calm and Flutter On 2013-01-19 Episode
Games Ponies Play 2013-02-09 Episode
Daring Don't 2013-12-07 Episode
Rarity Takes Manehattan 2014-01-04 Episode
Twilight Time 2014-02-22 Episode
For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils 2014-03-22 Episode
Equestria Games 2014-05-03 Episode
Appleoosa's Most Wanted 2015-05-02 Episode
Brotherhooves Social 2015-10-03 Episode
On Your Marks 2016-04-09 Episode Author / Screenwriter
Newbie Dash 2016-05-07 Episode Author