Maurice Hurley

Begin Date 1939-08-16
End Date 2015-02-24
Type Male
Source Date Type Role
Hide and Q 1987-11-23 Episode Author (as C. J. Holland) / Screenwriter (as C. J. Holland)
Datalore 1988-01-18 Episode Author
11001001 1988-02-01 Episode Author
Heart of Glory 1988-03-21 Episode Author / Screenwriter
The Arsenal of Freedom 1988-04-11 Episode Author
The Neutral Zone 1988-05-16 Episode Screenwriter
The Child 1988-11-21 Episode Author
Time Squared 1989-04-03 Episode Screenwriter
Q Who 1989-05-08 Episode Author
Shades of Gray 1989-07-17 Episode Author
Galaxy's Child 1991-03-11 Episode Screenwriter
Power Play 1992-02-24 Episode Author
William Shatner Presents: Chaos on the Bridge 2014-08-25 Movie Interviewee