Paul Cornell

Begin Date 1967-07-18
Type Male
Source Date Type Role
The Dark Side, Part Two 2011-10-05 Comic Author
The Dark Side, Part Three 2011-11-02 Comic
First Sacrifices 2011-11-09 Comic
The Dark Side, Part Four 2011-12-07 Comic
Merlin Watches the Storm 2011-12-14 Comic
The Dark Side, Part Five 2012-01-04 Comic
The Traitor 2012-01-11 Comic
The Dark Side, Finale 2012-02-01 Comic
The Balance 2012-02-08 Comic
The End of All Things 2012-03-14 Comic
The Ballad of Nimue & The Demon 2012-04-11 Comic
The City Stilled by Death 2012-05-09 Comic
The Once and Always King 2012-06-13 Comic
The Darkness that was Camelot 2012-07-11 Comic
The Avalon Trap 2012-08-08 Comic
The Prologue 2012-09-12 Comic
Torment 2012-10-10 Comic
Occupy Hell 2012-11-14 Comic
The Moment of Forgetting 2012-12-12 Comic