Harry Potter


Title Type Date Role
Ground Hog Day Fanfic None
Illegal Necromantic Rituals Fanfic 2006-03-29
My Name Is Harry Fanfic 2006-07-03
Only One Defining Moment Please Fanfic 2007-01-20 Main
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Movie 2007-07-11 Main
Snape's Broken Cabinet Fanfic 2009-04-20
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie 2009-07-07 Main
Never Forgotten Fanfic 2010-08-18
If Harry Really Did Go To The USA Fanfic 2011-01-22
Harry's First Class with Lockhart Fanfic 2013-03-23
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality Book 2015-03-14 Main