Geordi La Forge

Type Male


Title Type Date Role
The Naked Now Episode 1987-10-05 Sub
The Arsenal of Freedom Episode 1988-04-11
Elementary, Dear Data Episode 1988-12-05 Main
Samaritan Snare Episode 1989-05-15 Main
Booby Trap Episode 1989-10-30 Main
The Enemy Episode 1989-11-06 Main
Galaxy's Child Episode 1991-03-11 Main
Identity Crisis Episode 1991-03-25 Main
The Mind's Eye Episode 1991-05-27 Main
Disaster Episode 1991-10-21 Sub
The Masterpiece Society Episode 1992-02-10 Sub
Conundrum Episode 1992-02-17 Appearance
The Next Phase Episode 1992-05-18 Main
Time's Arrow: Part Two Episode 1992-09-21 Sub
Relics Episode 1992-10-12 Main
Schisms Episode 1992-10-19 Sub
True Q Episode 1992-10-26 Sub
A Fistful of Datas Episode 1992-11-09 Sub
The Quality of Life Episode 1992-11-16 Sub
Ship in a Bottle Episode 1993-01-25 Main
Aquiel Episode 1993-02-01 Main
Birthright, Part I Episode 1993-02-22 Sub