John de Lancie


Title Type Date Role
Encounter at Farpoint Episode 1987-09-28 Main
Hide and Q Episode 1987-11-23 Main
Q Who Episode 1989-05-08 Main
Déjà Q Episode 1990-02-05 Main
Qpid Episode 1991-04-22 Main
True Q Episode 1992-10-26 Main
Q-Less Episode 1993-02-07 Main
Tapestry Episode 1993-02-15 Main
Q-Squared Book 1994-07-15
The Q and the Grey Episode 1996-11-27 Main
Space Exploration Fanfic 2005-10-12
One Thousand Eyes Fanfic 2006-05-25
Rather Disappointing, Really Fanfic 2006-10-17
Working in Groups Fanfic 2007-03-07 Main
Sapient NOT Sentient! Fanfic 2007-06-26
Show and Tell Fanfic 2009-07-30