Mario Mario


Title Type Date Role
Donkey Kong Game 1981-07-09 Main
Donkey Kong Jr. Game 1982-08 Sub
Mario Bros. Game 1983-09-09 Main
Mario Bros. Special Game 1984 Main
Punch Ball Mario Bros. Game 1984 Main
Pinball Game 1984-02-02 Appearance
Wrecking Crew Game 1985-06-18 Main
Super Mario Bros. Game 1985-09-13 Main
Super Mario Bros. Special Game 1986 Main
VS. Super Mario Bros. Game 1986
Super Mario Bros. 2 Game 1986-06-03 Main
All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. Game 1986-09-13 Main
Golf: Japan Course Game 1987-02-21 Main
Golf: US Course Game 1987-06-14 Main
Super Mario USA Game 1988-10-09 Main
Super Mario Bros. 3 Game 1988-10-23 Main
Kaettekita Mario Bros. Game 1988-11-30 Main
Super Mario Land Game 1989-04-21 Main
Neatness Counts / The Bird! The Bird! Episode 1989-09-04 Main
Dr. Mario Game 1990-07-27 Main
Super Mario World Game 1990-11-21 Main
NES Open Tournament Golf Game 1991-09
Mario Open Golf Game 1991-09-20
Yoshi no Tamago Game 1991-12-14 Main
Mario Teaches Typing Game 1992 Main
Super Mario Kart Game 1992-08-27 Main
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins Game 1992-10-21 Main
Yoshi no Cookie Game 1992-11-21
Super Mario Bros. Movie 1993-05-28 Main
Super Mario All-Stars Game 1993-07-14 Main
Yoshi's Safari Game 1993-07-14
Mario's Picross Game 1995-03-14 Appearance
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Game 1995-08-05 Main
Mario's Super Picross Game 1995-09-14 Appearance
Super Mario 64 Game 1996-06-23 Main
Super Mario Advance Book 2001-09 Main
Super Mario Sunshine Game 2002-07-19 Main
New Super Mario Bros. Game 2006-05-15 Main
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Game 2009-11-15 Main