Beverly Crusher

Type Female


Title Type Date Role
The Naked Now Episode 1987-10-05 Main
The Big Goodbye Episode 1988-01-11 Sub
Angel One Episode 1988-01-25
The Arsenal of Freedom Episode 1988-04-11
The High Ground Episode 1990-01-29 Main
Remember Me Episode 1990-10-22 Main
The Host Episode 1991-05-13 Main
Disaster Episode 1991-10-21 Sub
Cause and Effect Episode 1992-03-23 Main
Time's Arrow: Part Two Episode 1992-09-21 Sub
Relics Episode 1992-10-12 Appearance
Schisms Episode 1992-10-19 Appearance
True Q Episode 1992-10-26 Sub
Aquiel Episode 1993-02-01 Sub
Lessons Episode 1993-04-05 Sub
Frame of Mind Episode 1993-05-03 Sub
Suspicions Episode 1993-05-10 Main